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No Sew Sweater Halloween Pumpkins

This no-sew Fall tutorial shows you how to make a pumpkin using upcycled knits

8 Perfect Pumpkin Crafts

This time of the year, pumpkins can be found everywhere.  Between the food, the smells, and the decorations, the orange veggies are almost a staple.  Add a little of that Fall touch to your crafting with one of these 8 projects.  They are all very cute, fairly quick, and pretty easy to make. 1- Wine Cork […]

8 Easy Crafts to Make For Thanksgiving

The countdown is officially on for Thanksgiving Day to arrive.  Are you looking for some fun last minute crafts to make, but need it to be quick and easy as well?  These 8 ideas will be great for any crafter and are guaranteed to dress up your space for the big Turkey Day.  1- Toilet […]

9 Thanksgiving Crafts To Keep Your Kids Busy While Dinner Is Cooking

For most Moms who have the task of either cooking or helping to prep Thanksgiving dinner, it can be a little stressful to do so while trying to take care of the kids as well.  These 9 craft ideas are great to keep them busy, yet are easy enough that they require little supervision on your part.  Tell your children […]

Thanksgiving – Give Thanks Tree

This thanksgiving tutorial shows you how to make a tree to which you can stick maple leaves of “Thanks” onto it.Perfect for a thanksgiving dinner or fall family project.

7 Tutorials To Make The Perfect Scarf

The air is starting to cool off and now is the perfect time to start on a new project of stocking your wardrobe with fall and winter scarves.  These 7 tutorials are all great for both beginners and the more experienced scarf makers out there.  Take a look through them and see which you would […]

7 Back To School Teacher Gifts

Ready or not, back to school is just around the corner.  Those days of having your kids home all day will soon come to an end, and having a bit more structure and schedule in your week will slowly start falling into place.  Let’s not forget about the wonderful teachers that will be educating our […]

Crone’s Wreath: Halloween Project

For some the word “crone” conjures up a negative image of an old wrinkled woman with warts on her nose, but for others crone is a term of reverence for the wise woman within all of us. A Crone’s Wreath is not only a stunning and magical seasonal decoration, it pays homage to the crone by embracing the winds of change. No glue, pins or wires are used to put this wreath together. If items fall out and blow away (like youth and physical beauty eventually do), accept the change and look for new gifts to replace them.

Knitted Pumpkin Bowl Pattern

This fun little knitted bowl is shaped like a pumpkin and the color of all our favorite pumpkin-flavored fall food and beverage items. You could also make it in bright orange and put a face on it for a jack ‘o lantern bowl.

Halloween Witch Boxes

Every fall as Halloween nears the question “Where does a witch keep her extra warts” is on everyone’s mind. The answer? In a witch box, of course. These cute stacked boxes are perfect for storing a few Halloween goodies or to use as a fun table display.