Crochet A Cat Harness Leash

Crochet A Cat Harness Leash

Want to take your pet out for a walk and show off your crochet skills at the same time? This free crochet harness pattern, designed for cats or small dogs, is just the thing. The acrylic yarn is washable and durable enough to stand up to the pull of a small animal.

What you need

Worsted weight acrylic yarn in main color (A)
Worsted weight acrylic yarn in secondary color (B)
H crochet hook (or size needed to obtain gauge)
Key ring
Measuring tape

Gauge: 5 hdc = 2”


Before you begin:

Size and gauge are important in this pattern. Take your pet’s measurement by passing a measuring tape around its forelimb, settling into the “pit” area and bringing the ends up to the center of its shoulder blades. The number of stitches you need for the two forelimb loops is determined as follows:

# of inches in the measurement taken above (our kitty model here came out to 16”)
Multiply by 2.5 (# of stitches per inch) (that’s 16 x 2.5 = 40.0 in our example)
Add five stitches (that’s two extra for the base chain, and another three for comfort) (40 + 5 = 45 stitches)

This final number of stitches will be referred to as X in the pattern below.

Forearm Loops (make 2):

Using A, ch X

Skip 2 ch, hdc in 3rd ch from hook. Hdc in each ch to end, sl st twice across ends to join evenly, making sure loop is not twisted. Finish off.

To join the two loops, hold them together (one on top of the other) with the tops of the stitches on the outside edge, not inside. Working on outside edge, insert hook through both pieces, ch 2. 5 hdc in next 5 st (again through both pieces), turn.

Ch 1, skip first hdc, 3 hdc. Turn, leaving last st unworked.

Ch 1, 3 hdc, turn.

Ch 4, sl st in last hdc to make loop for key ring. Finish off.


Ch 200.

Skip 9 ch, hdc in 10th ch from hook, hdc in next 181 ch, sl st in last 10 ch.

Sl st to last hdc, making a loop. Finish off.


A tight edging will make the harness a bit smaller, so if yours came out a touch too large, it may be a good idea to stitch tightly. Otherwise, be sure to keep your stitches nice and loose–or you will make it too tight. It’s a good idea to try it on your pet a couple of times as you go, to be sure.

With B, join to any stitch on the harness.

Sl st all around outer edge of harness. Finish off.

With B, join to any bottom base chain loop (inner edge)

Sl st all around inner foreleg hole. Repeat on the other one. Finish off.

With B, join to any stitch on the lead. Sl st all around, skipping the two end loops (you can cross from one side to the other by making one sl st in the middle of the end hdc, see picture.) Finish off.

Attach the 4 ch loop of harness to the heavier loop of the lead with a keyring or lead hook.

Before taking your pet outside in its new harness, slip it on indoors and let your little friend get used to it. When your pet accepts the feel of being harnessed, it’s time to enjoy a walk outdoors together!


This image was submitted by CaraAmor


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8 ply, Double Worsted, DK yarn


  1. cool, thanks!

  2. so i just made one and took my cat on a walk for the first time it worked so well and she loved it

  3. Thank you soooo much!!!! I’ve been wanting to make a harness for my rat but I couldn’t find a pattern. This one was perfect. All I had to do was make less stitches.

  4. looks very interesting. I am going to try it with macrame. see what happens

  5. Is pattern is amazingly simple! Thank you soooo much! I made this for my adult pug (ch55) and she actually likes it! With the store-bought harness, she is always trying to back out of it but this one she wears around the house. Also, since she wears it with ease, i put her tags on the back and now i dont have to deal with tags getting in her food/water anymore! Thsnk you so much!!!!

  6. i made my cat a cool little camo one, it is soooo cool! thanks for the great pattern!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. are the “forearm loops” supposed to be flat? other than that there are no complaints! great pattern!

  8. Awesome might make one for my cat due to the reason that she despises collars and leashes
    Very well written

  9. Thank you so much for this pattern! I’ve just finished making it for my boy Casper in black and white edging and it looks beautiful. Plus he has been wearing the harness for the last half an hour and he STILL hasn’t figured out how to get it off! I can’t wait to take him out for a walk.

  10. My little Russian blue will look stunning with a mint green harness! Thanks for the pattern

  11. I really like this pattern, but I am very confused about the gauge given. I don’t make a living out of crocheting, but I’m certainly not new to it. My tension is medium to relaxed, but the minimum number of hdc I require to get to 2″ is 8 stitches using a size K hook. What am I missing?

    Thanks. 🙂

  12. Love this project.I am going to make two of them

  13. Do you have this pattern in knit?

    I just learned how to knit and would love to “wow” everyone.Please Please
    Please I am on my knees WAIT Na thats a lie but i am begging


  14. Its great! does anyone know how to knit this cause ( icant crochet) NVM dont wanna tell u, wait… PLz let me know

  15. If you do single crochets on the out side then the color shows up alittle better and ir doesn’t end up as tight as when you just slip stitch. My cat is going to hate me for this;)

  16. cool my kitty is indoor so i am hoping to be able to take him on walks. my kitty cant be outdoor cuz he is only 5 mnths old

  17. Good job!
    Make it more secure and comfy for kitty by adding a front strap running from center front of neck, down between front legs, and then connecting to the strap under tummy. This keeps the neck strap down off kitty’s delicate throat if she pulls, and she can’t “back out” of the harness either.
    Consider adding closures to neck & tummy straps. Remember, if it’s loose enough to slip on kitty, it’s loose enough for her to wiggle out!

  18. Do you have this pattern in knit?

    I just learned how to knit and would love to “wow” everyone. I’m young and feel like everyone is thinking I’m lame for doing a grandma craft.



  19. I think this pattern is good, but it needs some sort of connection across the chest area or else it pulls back and impedes their movement. I’m going to try adding a button on the front so it’s still easy to put on and take off.

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