10 Tutorials to Make Your Own Bracelets


A bracelet is a great way to add that extra touch to your daily wardrobe, and because of the versatility in styles, colors and materials to make them, the options for what kinds of bracelets to wear is nearly endless.  Bracelets are also great piece of jewelry to wear during the warmer months because it can give you that pick me up without adding a lot of weight and bulk that you could get from a necklace.  Today we are bringing you 10 tutorials for making your own bracelets.

1- DIY Friendship Bracelet from Hey Wanderer

2- Wish Bracelet from Craftbits

3- Thread and Charm Bracelets from Sensational Creations

4- Handmade Baseball Bracelet from Craftbits

5- Swarovski Pearl and Black Velvet from Craftbits

6- Bottlecap Bracelet from Craftbits

7- DIY Morocco Bangle from Craftbits

8- Vinyl LP Record Bangle from Craftbits

9- Easy Bracelet from Just Kerr-afty

10- Beaded Birthstone Bracelet from Craftbits