DIY Friday The 13th Halloween Wreath

DIY Friday The 13th Halloween Wreath

This craft tutorial shows you how to make a frightful Friday the 13th Halloween Wreath.

What you need

Clear Halloween Mask,

Toy Knife

velvet white pumpkins 

white mesh

black tulle 


wired wreath form

Red nail polish or paint



This craft photo and idea were contributed by Kimberly Blake. Thanks for sharing your idea Kimberly we love this scary Halloween wreath.

Friday the 13th is a day that is often associated with bad luck and superstition, but it can also be a fun and spooky time to celebrate Halloween! And what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than by creating a DIY Friday the 13th Halloween wreath? This craft tutorial will show you how to turn simple materials into a creepy and unique wreath that’s perfect for your front door or Halloween party decor.

But before we dive into the crafting, let’s have some fun with some Friday the 13th facts! Did you know that some people suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia, which is the fear of Friday the 13th? It’s a real thing! And did you know that there can be anywhere from one to three Friday the 13ths in a year? The next one will be in August 2021. Also, Friday the 13th has been the inspiration for countless horror movies, including the iconic slasher film franchise that bears its name.

Now that we’ve had some fun with the Friday the 13th facts, let’s get started on making this spooky wreath. With a few easy-to-find materials and some simple steps, you’ll have a festive decoration that’s sure to impress all your Halloween guests. So grab your supplies and let’s get started!

For this frightful Friday the 13th wreath, you will need some basic wreath-making supplies, all available at craft stores or the Dollar tree.

Start by wrapping your wreath form in the tulle and ribbons, You can twist your wired tulle or mesh onto the base or cut it into lengths and tie each strand around until the wreath is filled, like this photo below.

This style of wrapping your wreath gives a full look and can be used with other materials too, such as fabric, bin bags, old sheets, or as in this photo draw liners.

Alternate with black, and white and add lengths of red ribbon for a splash of color to your Halloween wreath.

Add the Embellishments such as the pumpkins, knife , and mask  with hot glue.

Finish off your Friday the 13th wreath with a splash of red paint for blood.

You are only limited by your imagination, check out what other Halloween trinkets you could add to our own wreath.


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