Teapot Wire Handle basket

Teapot Wire Handle basket

Make your basket handle look like a teapot!

What you need

3/4″ Flat Reed, 1/2″ Flat Reed, #2 Round Reed, 3/8″ Flat Reed, 1/4″ Flat Reed, 1″ Ash Splint, Wire Hanger Shape

Dimensions: 3/4″ W x 5″ L


Preparation: From 3/4″ flat reed, cut 1 spoke @ 19″

From 1/2″ flat reed, cut 7 spokes @ 14″

Mark centers on rough side of reed.

Soak reed in warm water for about 5 min.

Place 3/4″ spoke horizontally and weave the 5 1/2″ spokes vertically, alternating over/under,

and making sure that the center 1/2″ spoke is Over the 3/4″ piece.

Twine 2 rows around the base with #2 round reed.

Weave 7 rows with 3/8″ flat reed

Weave 3 rows with 1/4″ flat or flat oval dyed reed.

Weave 2 rows with 3/8″ flat reed.

Shape basket so the back is flat. Cut off the center spoke in back.

Lay wire handle across the back.

Fold 4 back spokes over handle and tuck into basket. (Two on outside/two on inside)

Fold and tuck remaining outside spokes and cut off remaining inside spokes.

Pin 1/2″ Flat to top row, one on inside and one on outside of basket, overlapping ends.

Lash rim with 1/4″ Flat reed, making an “X” at the handle.

We carry many different wire handle shapes that can be used on this basket.

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Happy Weaving!

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