9 Things You Can Make With Epsom Salts


There are so many uses for Epsom salts so we are bringing you 9 great ideas of things you can make with Epsom salts.  These are all so easy to do, and perfect for these upcoming Winter months.  Which of these ideas are on your to-do list?

1- Epsom Salt Bauble from Craftbits

2- Glop Play Recipe from Kids Activities Blog

3- Perfect Bath Bombs from Bright Nest

4- Epsom Salt Word Art from Craftbits

5- Epsom Salt Body Lotion from Craftbits

6- DIY Dishwasher Tablets from My Kitchen Escapades

7- Epsom Salt Snow Candle from Craftbits

8- Epsom Salt Glowing Facial from Craftbits

9- Faux Window Frost from Homemade Mamas