A Knitted Pattern for a Teddy Bear Jumper

A Knitted Pattern for a Teddy Bear Jumper

Even teddies get cold. This knitting pattern shows you how to knit a jumper or sweater for your teddy bears to keep them 'berry' warm.

What you need

Double Worsted Weight (8 ply) Wool
size 7 (4.5 mm) needles
Fits a 14 inch bear



Cast on 28sts and Rib (k1,p1) for 6 rows.st-st 12 rows

Decrease for sleeves

K2 tog at the beginning and end of the next and every alternate row until 14 sts remain. Leave sts on a spare needle.

Sleeves (make 2)

Cast on 22 sts and rib (k1,p1) for 6 rwos

st-st 10 rows.

Decrease for sleeves

K2 tog at the begining and end of every alternate row until 8 sts remain. Leave sts on spare needle.


Cast on 28 sts and rib (k1,p1) for 6 rows

st0st 12 rows

Decrease for sleeves

K2 tog at the begining and the end of the next and every alternate row until 14 sts remain. Pick up each piece of sleeve then back, then sleeve. Work 6 rows in Rib (k1,p1)

All done!


  1. Minerva Muniz says

    Details are not clear

  2. Sandra Awan says

    How do you sew it together

  3. Mary Haustead says

    I wanted a jumper knitting pattern for Teddy. I came across this. And was very happy with the instructions. I knitted blue. Teddy will have many more colours in the near future. Thank you

  4. Carol Mann says

    The pattern does not have very detailed instructions. These instructions are not FOR a beginner.

  5. Melanie Andrews says

    Can someone tell me how to put this jumper together do you sew or knit it together .

  6. When it says leave stitches on spare needle, do you cut the yarn, or do you just start using the same yarn to string to cast onto a new needle?

  7. Carol Shayler says

    Looks great and very easy! Made mine stripey and gave him a matching hat

  8. Shelley Parr says

    Turned out great

  9. meredith langford says

    I would like instructions for a smaller bear!

  10. Sandeep Kaur says

    What does st 0 st 12 rows mean?
    Stocking stitch 12 rows?

  11. Grest easy pattern easy directions turned out really well

  12. Are the sleves done seperate or do you knit across the 14 stitches to do the other sleve

  13. Where is says Sleves(make2) do you cast on 22 on each side of your 14 stitches or do each Sleve individually

  14. helen martin says

    on the sleeve row it says cast on 22 sts and rib (k1-p1) for 6 rows st-st 10 rows. what does st-st mean?

  15. What about the pattern for the back???

  16. Linda Pfeffer says

    This sweater could probably be easier knitted on double point needles from the neck down, but I’m not saavy enough to know how, just that it is done that way on many adult sweaters that my knitting friends have made. On the directions given, they say after working the 6 rows in Rib (k1,p1) you’re all done, but what about connecting the raglan sleeve parts – they need to be done too!

  17. I have just completed this sweater, it was very quick and easy to do. I added a cable on the front, just to change it a little. :o)

  18. Yes, thank you very much! It took me a while to figure out what to seam together, but it worked out very well. Thanks again!

  19. Hi, I don’t know how long ago that question (about the last paragraph in the pattern) was posted, so I might be very late in answering, but anyway: to the best of my knowledge it means that you should slip all the stitches that you have saved on spare needles, back onto your “working” needle, in the following order – sleeve, back, sleeve, front – and then work 6 rows in rib, which will join all the pieces together at the top, whilst simultaneously forming the neck band. You will then need to seam it all together, joining the sleeve and side seams, plus the neckband seam, unless of course you work the neckband in the round (on a circular needle or dpns) in which case you will get a circular neck band with no need to seam, but you would still have to seam up the rest of the sweater. I don’t know if I’ve explained that clearly or not… hope it was some help! -x-

  20. I’m perplexed by the last paragraph. Could someone explain?

    • I really enjoyed this project. I made five! I did some of them with stripes that look great. They were a perfect fit for my son’s favourite bears . I am not an experienced knitter so I found the comments posted by others useful for more a detailed explanation.

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