10 DIY Storage & Organization Solutions


Finding affordable storage solutions is getting more difficult, but if you are willing to do a little crafting, you can make your own storage and organization solutions with items you probably have laying around your house.  These 10 ideas are easy to do, and fairly quick, and just may get your creative juices flowing enough to give you some inspiration for other ideas.

1- Crochet Lace Cord Holder from Craft Bits

2- Ironing Board Storage form Life Made Simple

3- Collapsible Storage Container from Craft Bits

4- Head Band Storage from The Pallette Muse

5- Egg Carton Ribbon Organizer from Craft Bits

6- Formula Milk Tin Organizer from Craft Bits

7- Tampon Box Cork Board Organizer from Craft Bits

8- Organized Gift Wrapping Station from Craft Bits

9- Peg Board Box from Thistlewood Farms

10- Chopsticks Storage Box from Craft Bits