Tampon Box Cork Board

Finally something to do with those wonderfully handy flip top tampon boxes.

Tampon Box Cork Board

What you need

Empty Tampon boxes
Craft Glue


Take a store bought cork board and your tampon boxes and make this nifty organizer for your beads, paper clips, stamps,buttons and much much more.

Take your tampon box and if you are going to label it do so whilst it is not glued onto the board.

You could print your own labels for this or just hand print the label then glue it or sticky tape it on.

Next using a strong craft glue or a hot glue gun adhere each of the boxes onto one side of the cork board.

Use as many or as little boxes as you need to organize your stuff.


  1. you could also use cigarette boxes, they flip open. cool idea.

  2. this looks good & is a neat idea…but I wonder how those flip tops would open whilst being glued to the board…?

  3. The flip-top ones are only Tampax Pearl, as far as I’ve seen. Cute idea.

  4. nYz! very creative..

  5. heyteesteele says:

    we don’t have these types of flip tops in the u.s. 🙁

  6. Neat idea. Handy for keeping the small beads, bits and bobkins for sewing and crafts. I have an old sweater the hubby “felted” by accident, cut to fit I could add velcro tabs to the boxes to make them portable to where the bits are needed.

  7. Wish our tampons in the UK came in handy boxes like these! Can you give me a project to store my tampons in once they have fallen out of their useless (UK) cartons?!

  8. I’ve linked to this on Empty Purse as another use for cigarette boxes! http://emptypurse.wordpress.com/
    love your awesome site, keep up the good work !

  9. were’ed you get the flip top ones from??

  10. Great Idea!!

  11. finally, something good out of being on ur period.

  12. couldnt you also use the empty cigarette boxes people just throw on the side of roads? mix up the size of boxes with the tampon boxes..just an idea lens4you

  13. BEautiful! I love to see this kind of recycling! It makes being a grrl just a little bit BETTER, if that were possible!

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