10 No-Sew Gift Ideas


Do you ever see a project and think, “I’d love to make that, but I don’t even know how to run a sewing machine.”?  Or maybe you just don’t like to.  Well, this post is for you!  These 10 No Sew Gift Ideas are perfectly easy and better yet, require no sewing what so ever on your part!  They would be perfect for upcoming holiday gift giving or maybe even a birthday gift.  But why not just make something for yourself once in a while?

 1- Makeup Roll from Craft Bits

2- No Sew Headbands from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

3- Binki Clips from Six Sisters Stuff

4- Kids Super Hero Cape from Craft Bits

5- No Sew Tutu from Craft Bits

6- Easy No-Sew Pillow from Craft Bits

7- Apron Gifted In A Jar from Craft Bits

8- Cushion Cover Shoulder Bag from Craft Bits

9- Flower Petal Pillow from Craft Bits

10- Slipper Socks from Martha Stewart