Gothic Christmas Tree Decoration

Gothic Christmas Tree Decoration

This craft project shows you how to make a black feathery Christmas tree in goth style which is sure to impress your friends. Try making these for Halloween as well!

What you need

Black marabou feathers
Black card stock for cone or polystyrene cone base.
Craft glue
Flower or craft pick for topper.


Start by taking your polystyrene cone or create a cone using card stock.

The size of your tree can be as large or as small as you like. This one we created is for a table top or table center piece size. You could make a gigantic one of these for a full sized tree.

Using glue, start securing the feathers to the cone, working from the base up.

Make sure your feathers are free flowing and not getting stuck into the glue.

Most marabou feathers are connected by a core string so glue this string to the cone rather than the feathers.

Once you get to the top, finish it off with a bow, ribbon or flower.

feather tree for Christmas


  1. To the previous guest don’t be judgmental, many Goths are Catholic as well as protestants. So, yeah they can celebrate their way. Sheesh

  2. Merry Gothmas to one and all! LOL

  3. Loved it! How beautiful if done in dark purples and deep reds too. Could be beautiful for a black and white tie affair during the holidays!

  4. Sorry, but Christmas and goth do not even go in the same sentence. JMHO

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