7 Back To School Teacher Gifts


Ready or not, back to school is just around the corner.  Those days of having your kids home all day will soon come to an end, and having a bit more structure and schedule in your week will slowly start falling into place.  Let’s not forget about the wonderful teachers that will be educating our children.  They all work so hard and put so much time into shaping their minds and their futures.  Show them a little thanks at the beginning of the year with one of these cute crafts.

1- Class Act Teacher’s Apple from Craft Bits

2- Pencil Desk Caddies from Craft Bits

3- Survival Kit For Teachers from Craft Bits

4- Crochet Bookmark from Craft Bits

5- “Sharp” Future from A Little Tipsy

6- Back To School Cake from The Chocolate In My Life

7- Ruler Wreath from Craft Interrupted