Knit Mikey The Monkey

Knit Mikey The Monkey

This knitting pattern is for a monkey that is 17 inch in height. We have tried to make him adorable and full of character and spirit. You will love the finished pattern! The instructions include how to put it all together as well.

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What you need

4.0mm needles (US 8, UK 6)
50 gms of 8 ply or worsted weight yarn/double knit
Small amount of contrasting colors
Toy filling/wadding
1 pipe cleaner for tail
Black embroidery thread 



This knitted monkey pattern is the perfect project for knitters who love to create cute and cuddly toys. The finished monkey is 17 inches in height, and it’s designed to be adorable and full of character and spirit. You will love the finished pattern and the cute monkey you’ll be creating.

This pattern is perfect for knitters of all skill levels, including beginners. The instructions are easy to follow and include detailed instructions on how to put it all together. The pattern includes a list of materials you’ll need, as well as step-by-step instructions for knitting the body, head, and other parts of the monkey.

This monkey is a great option for children and adults alike. It’s perfect for playtime, for use as a decorative piece or as a gift. You can customize the monkey with different colors and accessories to suit your preferences.

So, grab your yarn and needles and get ready to create your own adorable and cuddly monkey. This pattern is a great way to learn how to knit, or to make a fun and unique toy for yourself or a loved one. With this pattern, you’ll have a new monkey friend in no time.


These dimensions and instructions are for a final 17 INCH monkey.

Body and Head

Using whichever combinations of colors, or plain color.

Cast on 10 sts

Knit twice into every stitch (20)

Stocking stitch 3 rows

(knit 1, knit twice into next stitch) to the end. (30)

Stocking stitch 3 rows

(knit 2, knit twice into next stitch) to the end. (40)

Stocking stitch 3 rows

(knit 2, knit 2 tog) to the end (30)

Stocking stitch 11 rows

Shape shoulders

Knit 5 (knit 2 tog) 3 times, knit 8 (knit 2 tog) 3 times, knit 5 (24)

Purl 1 row

(knit 3, knit twice into next st) to the end. (30)

Purl 1 row

(knit 4, knit twice into next st) to the end.

Stocking stitch 17 rows

(knit 4, knit 2 tog) to the end.  (30

Purl 1 row

(knit 3, knit 2 tog) to the end. (24)

Purl 1 row

(knit 2, knit 2 tog) to the end. (18)

Purl 1 row

(knit 1, knit 2 tog) to the end.  (12)

(purl 2 tog) to the end. (6)

Thread yarn through stitches and secure tightly

Legs (Make 2)

Cast on 12 stitches

Stocking stitch 48 rows

Shape feet (change to contrast color)

Knit twice into every stitch (24)

Stocking stitch 5 rows

(knit 2, knit 2 tog) to the end. (18)

Purl 1 row

(knit 1, knit 2 tog) to the end. (12)

Purl 1 row

(knit 2 tog) to the end. (6)

Thread yarn through stitches and secure tightly.

Arms (make 2)

Cast on 12 stitches

Stocking stitch 38 rows

Shape hands (change to contrast color)

Knit twice into every stitch. (20)

Sticking stitch 3 rows

(knit 2, knit 2 tog) to the end (15)

Purl 1 row

Knit 1 (knit 2 tog) to the end. (7)

Thread yarn through stitches and secure tightly.

Ears (Make 2) (use contrast color)

Cast on 18 stitch

Stocking stitch 6 rows

(knit 2 tog, knit 1) to the end. (12)

Purl 1 row

(knit 2 tog) to the end. (6)

Thread yarn through stitches and secure tightly.

Eye patch using contrast color

Cast on 10 sts

Stocking stitch 4 rows

Knit 5 then turn

Purl 5 then turn

Knit 5 then turn

(purl 2 tog) (purl1) (purl 2 tog)

Knit 3 tog, Fasten off

With knit row facing repeat the second side in same pattern as first.


Cast on 28 stitch

Stocking stitch 4 rows

(knit 2 tog, k 3) to the last st, then Knit 1 (24)

Stocking stitch 3 rows

(knit 2 tog, k 2) to the end. (18)

Purl 1 row

(knit 2 tog, k 1) to the end . (12)

Thread yarn through stitches and secure tightly.

Tail (optional for non clothed monkey)

Cast on 6 stitches

Knit 48 rows

When stitching the tail, this is where you use the pipe cleaner. Sew it inside as you sew up the tail. This will enable you to curl the tail when finished.

Make up instructions


Stitch the body together leaving a gap at the back approx 1 ½ inch for the filling/stuffing. Now sew together. Run a thread of yarn around the neck area to emphasize the head shape. Put aside.


With wrong side facing you, sew up the legs beginning at the feet. Sew to the top of the leg and fasten off. Turn the leg right side out and fill. Push the filling down the leg a little at a time.


Complete the same method as the legs.


Join the ends together, thread yarn through the cast on stitches and draw up. Position the ear so the two gathered sections are together then sewed across. Attach to the head approx 1/3 the way down the head.

Eye section

Sew to the center of the face in with the ears. Using black sew on your eyes making sure your secure stitches will be on the face under the muzzle when the face is finished.


Sew the two sides together and gather up the cast on stitches and fill with wadding as you go. Use black to sew the mouth in the center across with a small cross on the top. Sew in to place at the base edge of the eye section covering all the yarn. Now attach the muzzle with matching yarn.

Attach legs and arms into place.

Looking for more knitted monkey patterns? Check out our other free Knitted monkey pattern here. These knitted monkeys make a great baby gift for anyone who has a jungle or safari-style nursery room.



  1. Chantal Royer says

    Pour bras je me trouve à 24 mailles ? Que veux fire point collé ? Merci de votre réponse.

  2. Jill Cicero says

    Is there a printable version of this pattern?

  3. Terrible pattern. Arms had wrong no of stitches. Should have been 10, other parts were wrong as well. Needle size wrong as well and the muzzle was such a ridiculous size I’ve given up on the whole thing.

  4. Kathy Johnson says

    Some of the counts are off and directions could be more thorough but I improvised

  5. Margaret Appolloni says

    All is was and works out until Muzzle numbers between 28 sts down to 24. Doesn’t work and need 24 to continue. Help! I know I just wrote but need to finish Mikey for a b’day.

  6. Margaret Appolloni says

    I’ve gone over this again and again. Start of Muzzle. Cast on 28 and if you do the (K2 tog, K3 across), you end up with 22 sts, not 24. I’ve done it on paper, also, after knitting it
    several times. I do a lot of knitting and can’t figure how you can get to (24) when the K2 is done 6 X’s so 28 sts – 6 sts= 22 sts. Should I try to figure the rest of the muzzle myself using the 22? No problem with rest of monkey.

    • Lisa Ogilvie says

      If you do the K2tog, k3, five times, you will reduce the stitches to 23 and knit the last stitch should give you 24 stitches on the needle, however, neither the 28 or the 27 stitches are divisible by 5, so that row cannot possibly work the way it is written, so my best advice to you is to go with the 22 stitches you have, since it will only change the size slightly.

  7. Hi
    It’s only the instruction in brackets you repeat i.e knit 2 together
    I had to read it a couple of times!!

  8. I’m stuck on the shoulder part, k5,k2tog, 3 times, k8,k2tog, k5, it doesn’t add up

  9. Hi knitting this monkey and having problems with the eyes did you sort it for yourself?
    Thank you

  10. elizabeth mchenry says

    Can I purchase one already made from someone? I do not know how to knit. Please email me at or text 714-928-1528

  11. Hi Mary- Thanks for the info! Can you help me attach the ears to the head? Is the cast on side or bind off side against the head? Thanks!

  12. Hi! I don’t understand how to sew on the ears? Is the cast ON side against the head or the bind off side?

  13. Mary Catherine says

    Arms: cast on 12 stitches. If you then knit two stitches in every stitch after the 38 stockinette rows you would have 24 not 20. This tends to screw up the rest of the instructions. I knit a lot so just worked it out but seems like it would be simple to fix in the instructions for beginners.
    There are other errors of this nature.

  14. Stanley Rooney says

    I would suggest adding more detail to the pattern, like the lengths of the components. It is reassuring when knitting it for the first time you have it right.

  15. Knitting the muzzle for the monkey, when I cast on the 28 Sts, then stocking stitches but when it came to (knit2tog,k3) to the last st, then knit 1 it should have 24 stitches but I’m getting 23, so don’t know what I have done

    • Lisa Ogilvie says

      The reduction is 1 stitches for every 5 on the needles, so you are reducing 5 in total, your 23 stitches is correct, the number on screen is not correct.

  16. Ignore last comment! Read it incorrectly!

  17. Please help! I’ve got to the ‘shoulders’ part and the stitches do not add up. There are currently 30 stitches on the needle and if you k5, k2 tog, 3x, k8, k2 tog, k5 as stated, there are not enough stitches!

  18. Gwen Holloway says

    Well I eventually managed it. But the numbers of stitches on some of the parts weren’t right. So I carried on and it turned out alright. It is a first for me so I ‘m happy and hope the little boy I’ve made it for will be also.

  19. I cannot figure out the eye patch. I feel like something was left out in the instructions?
    Do I make 2? How do I continue knitting when I have fastened off the first part? Help please?

    • I cannot figure out eyepatch. I made one side but after you fasten off how can you knit other side?

      • Lisa Ogilvie says

        You need two, one for each eye. It actually says to “repeat” for second side, it would have been better to word it as make second side same as the first. Hope this helps.

  20. Hi, I love this monkey. For the arms it says cast on 12 sts but the later decreasing doesnt work out. Is it cast on 10 sts for the arms. thanks.

  21. I am confused about “stocking stitch 3 rows” you start on a purl row and go PkP ? Or is it pkpkpk? Please help…I`m fairly new at this and would love this monkey for my grandson

    • Diane Marit says

      This monkey is really cute but I have knit the body and head and it just doesn’t seem big enough! it is only 8 inches long and 6 inches wide. Seems small for the head and the body! Is this right or do you think I have done something wrong?!?

    • Lisa Ogilvie says

      Stocking stitch 3 rows would be p,k, p, as you suspected.

  22. Lisa Ogilvie says

    Confused about which yarn to use, there is no such thing as “double worsted weight” yarn. Based on the needle size I suspect it might be double knitting yarn but a worsted weight would give a tighter knit on the same needles. I have several grandsons who are monkey crazy and I think they would really love this, would love to make them some as soon as I get some clarification on the details.

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