9 Crafts To Dress Up Your Patriotic Attire


Independence Day is less than a week away.  Have you thought of what you can wear to help you look a little more festive and Patriotic?  Look no further.  Today we have brought you 9 ideas for crafts you can make to dress up you (or your little one’s) Patriotic Attire!


1- 4th of July Patriotic Earrings from CraftBits

2- Firecracker Bows from BombshellBling

3- 4th of July Beaded Patriotic Barrette from CraftBits

 4- Flip Flops In Patriotic Colors from CraftBits

5- 4th of July Beaded Amulet from CraftBits

6- Fireworks Headband from CraftBits

7- 4th of July Hat Sparkler from No Ordinary Moments

8- Now Sew Patriotic Shirt from Tip Junkie

 9- Patriotic Crochet Srunchie Pattern from CraftBits