DIY Magical Christmas Tree Tepee

DIY Magical Christmas Tree Tepee

This amazing Christmas tree is actually a tepee that has been hacked to create an evergreen Christmas tepee.

What you need

Tepee tent
Staple gun or hot glue gun
Evergreen branches or an old Christmas tree cut into lengths
baseless lamp Light or battery light for inside


This Christmas craft tutorial is an amazing Craft Hack by Robbie B. She has taken an old tepee tent and created a Festive Christmas time tepee that the kids can climb into. How magical is that?

Start by taking your old recycled tepee tent or you can purchase an inexpensive tepee tent to use as the base of your Magical Christmas tree.


Start by securing your light inside the top of the tepee, it is optional, but I would suggest using a low voltage light.

Next step in creating your magical Christmas tepee is to begin layering your evergreen branches onto the wood frame. This one has been fixed to the wood using a staple gun.  You want to start from the bottom and work your way up getting shorter as you reach the top. Don’t forget to leave a hole in your tepee for the door.

Add some Christmas lights to your tepee and then some decorations.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!