8 Ways To Make Your Own Detox Recipes


At home detox methods have been a pretty popular fad in the health and fitness world lately.  As much as they seem to be an “in” thing right now, they truly can be a healthy practice for your well being.  These 8 recipes are here to help get you started with ways to do your first detox, or maybe just change things up a bit from your usual routine.

1- Foot Detox Bath from Buzzle

2- How To Detox Bath from Healthy Living How To

3- Basic Body Wrap Recipe from Craftbits

4- Bath Salt Seaweed Detox from Craftbits

5- Jillian Michaels’ Detox Water from He and She Eat Clean

6- Honey and Ginger Face Mask from Craftbits

7- Strawberry Detox from Craftbits

8- Green Tea Bath Bags from Craftbits