8 Ways To Help Your Body Recover From The Summer

summer We all love the Summertime, but our bodies definitely take the rough end of the deal.  Our skin needs extra moisture, that we don’t always give it and our hair, lips, and face suffer.  Sometimes we get a little careless and even forget the sunscreen or maybe go a little overboard on the self-tanners.  Before we get too much further into Summer, give your body a little rest and try some of these remedies to help.

1- Pineapple Crush Lip Balm from CraftBits


2- Anti-Frizz Avocado Hair Mask from CraftBits


3- All-Natural Facial Scrub from Inspire Beauty Tips


4- Bath Soak To Remove Fake Tan from CraftBits

Chamomile Lotion made sept 9 2012

5- Chamomile Body Butter from Nature’s Home Spa


6- Epsom Salt Sunburn Relief from CraftBits


7- Coconut Heel Scrub from CraftBits


8- Epsom Salt Lip Repair Scrub from CraftBits