9 DIY Trick Or Treat Crafts


Trick or Treating is only a few weeks away and we have found 8 ideas for you to make that will add that little extra touch to the spooky night.  Some of these treats would be a fun thing to do for those special little one that may be paying you a visit (grandkids, friends, etc.), and the trick or treat bags would be a fun craft to help your own children make.  Take a look around try to pick which are your favorites.

1- Recycled Gift Bags from Craft Bits

2- Halloween Treat Bag With A Scary Bat from Craft Bits

3- Sharpie Treat Ghost Bag from Craft Bits

4- Stamped Treat Bag Toppers from Craft Bits

5- Treat Baggies from Lil Blue Moom

6- Halloween Treat Pumpkin Bag from Craft Bits

7- Halloween Witches Hand from Craft Bits

8- Pumpkin Poop from Raising Lemons

9- No Sew Trick Or Treat Bag from The Chirping Moms