8 Patterns To Make Your Own Tote Bags



Let’s face it,  as crafters, we all have some type of project going on at one point or another.  Sometimes, we may even have multiple projects going at once.  We are also very busy, and it makes it easy to take our crafts with us to work on during car trips, in a waiting room, or just moving things from one room of our home to another.  Today we have 8 patterns for you to make your own tote bags and hopefully make it a little easier for you to keep up on your crafting.

1- Weekender Bag from Craft Bits

2- Easy Lunch Tote Bag from Craft Bits

3- Robot Tote from Craft Bits

4- Mrs. Langley’s Tote Bag from The Hip Home Ec. Teacher

5- Simple and Sweet Tote Bag from Pattern Pile

6- Upcycled Jute Bag from Craft Bits

7- Rope Bucket Bag from Craft Bits

8- Reversible Tote Bag from Very Purple Person