36 inch Giant Pool Noodle Christmas Wreath

36 inch Giant Pool Noodle Christmas Wreath

This amazing giant Christmas wreath is a massive 36 inch in size and looks stunning on double front doors or over mantles. This tutorial uses items from the Dollar Tree store making it very affordable to make.

What you need


4 – Pool Noodles

4 lengths of Christmas Garland 60ft

Floristy pins

Christmas Baubles

Bows and Ribbon (optional)

Duct tape


This wreath is so easy to make, it is similar to our pool noodle wreath but this one is larger making it perfect for double doors and porches.

Start by joining your 4 pool noodles together, you will need to shave a few inches off the inner one, just measure it and cut it as you go depending on how round you get your noodles. Use a strong duct tape to secure the noodles, you can also use a heat gun to melt the noodles and press them together to fuse the foam.  Most people just use duct tape and glue as thats what the have on hand and that is okay. I like to give my wreaths extra strength by using florist pins at an angle to secure the joins.

Wrap the base with the garland and then embellish it. Secure the balls with glue. Use a wire twist to create a loop for hanging or use an over the door wreath hook.

These amazing giant Christmas wreath photos were contributed by Pinky Lee Wreaths  You can check out her other designs there.


  1. Wonderful! for a smaller wreath use BENDY TUBES by Royal Deluxe Accessories LLC, cost ninety nine cents.

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