Calico Cat

Calico Cat

This is one cool cat! Learn to make this Calico cat using fiberfill and graphite paper.

What you need

Graphite paper
1 yard 1mt calico or artists canvas
Scrap of timber about 1 inch (2.5 Cm’s) thick for base
Transfer paper
Black, White, Olive green, Peach and off white acrylic paints


Start by downloading this pattern:

Calico Cat Pattern

Start by ironing your calico to give you a nice flat surface to work on. Then pin it to some cardboard to keep it tight whilst working on it.

Transfer the design to the calico using graphite paper.

Once you have transferred the design. Use your paints to paint the cat in your desired colors following the design provided in the pattern.

Use a fine line to define the detailed areas such as the tail, paws, claws and chin area.

To make the back of the cat trace a second shape, this can be painted a solid color such as black for this cat or you can stripe it if you like.

When all the paint is dry cut out the back and front pieces allowing a 1/2 inch (1 cm) seam all around the shape of the cat and a 2 inch (5cm) seem at the bottom to form the base.

Sew the back and front together with the right sides facing each other. Leave the bottom open.

Trim the seams and nick any of the corners or curves such as the ears. This will allow the fabric to flex to form the correct shape once it is made up.

Turn the fabric the correct way around and firmly stuff the cat with the fiber fill.

Cut the timber base in a slightly oval shape so that it fits nicely inside the bottom of your fabric cat.

Turn the edges inside and fabric glue or hot glue to the base or pull the fabric firm and smooth around the bottom and glue it to the underside of the base.

You can then finish off with a piece of felt to cover the edges.


  1. 😛 kinda cutish weird

  2. ThePurseGarden says

    Could be calico fabric if the designer is from the UK. In the US, muslin would be the preferred fabric for painting.

    And since calico cats are splotchy, this design more closely resembles the stripes on tabbies.

    No matter the fabric or the name, still a delightful design.

  3. muffin99cat says

    SO CUTE!!!:)

  4. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    It is made with Calico fabric

  5. hate to say it, but that cat is not a calico…

  6. Mossmask says

    I think all cat projects are awesome, but I’ve been looking for something to sew lately. There are alot of hard to find materials though…

  7. you need way to many expensive and hard to find products. looks cute though!

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