Recycled Plastic Rings Snowflake

Recycled Plastic Rings Snowflake

For a 10-point snowflake that looks very pretty! Made from 6-pak ring holders from soda.

What you need

Recycled 6 soda can pack plastic rings


Take 2 holders, and put them back to back. (do not nestle them)

Soda Can Plastic Rings

Soda Can to Snowflake Chart

Staple together at points B & I.

Staple points D & E together on each holder.

Staple points F & G together on each holder.

Repeat steps 1-4, nine more times, you now have all the pieces you need for 1 snowflake.

Now, staple tab C to tab A of another holder, and continue until all ten pieces are in one line.


Flip over and staple the other side, same way.

Staple K to L of the piece next to it, go all the way around. Flip over and repeat.

To make it sturdier staple tabs A & C together, as close to the center as possible, flip over and repeat.

Now, you have the snowflake finished, the painting and glittering are up to you.

This project was contributed by Shaddy.


  1. Very pretty, we made these in school as kids, but there’s a problem – all snow flakes are 6 pointed, this one is 10, if I do it again I will try it with just 6

  2. Connie Kight Google says

    I have been making these a long time. I use to work in the cafeteria at a middle school and saved these off the cans. I like to spray mine with glow in the dark paint and sprinkle with silver glitter. They turn out beautiful.

  3. love it

  4. Long term care residents loved this project. Thank you.

  5. I’ve been making these for years and years. I love them and with the little led lights strung with them outside they glow really nice. Glad to see it is here, if it wasn’t I wanted to post it. 😀 Thank you.

  6. I tried this, spent FAR too much time working on it (using tape tho, instead of staples) , didn’t work & had trouble following the instructions – eventually it just didn’t make sense anymore. I KNOW there’s an easier way! 🙂

  7. yes they do look lovely, but still havent been able to make any, no plastic ring holders any where , o well have to give up on it .

  8. I really love this project, but sadly: no ring holders available in Belgium… Cans come wrapped in foil 🙁 Sad, they are beautiful!

  9. what is , Costco, or Sam`s Club, never heard of it before

  10. I have been making these for years. I use to hang these from the ceiling in my convenience store. everyone loves them. I sprayed them with fake snow to make them look real.

  11. If you purchase a case at Costco or Sam’s Club ? – They will be on the cans once you remove the “outer plastic label”.

    HAVE FUN !!

  12. no one has left any suggestions at how to do it , as we cant get the plastic rings any more, ispme one said get them on ebay, tried looking on there , but couldnt find any where, please help ,, so want to make this snow flake.

  13. What a great way to green up our holidays! I love your method, it’s much more sturdy and pretty than the Martha Stewart version. My mother has one of these that has been beautifying her front walk way for years.

  14. i love the idea of this snowflake project, but i cant get any 6 pak ring holders , i have been to the bottle shop stores, & they are not making them much any more, ( in Australia ), it is frustrating, as i really want to do this , do u have any advise or help in any way where i can get the rings, or some other kind of material i could try it with,

  15. fab idea!

  16. it is a very bueatiful snowflake I came here because I am looking for a science fair project a green or earth helpful project. I think I am going to choose from here!

  17. to cute!

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