Recycled Bottle Cap People

Recycled Bottle Cap People

This is a fun recycled kids craft that is easy to do with minimal parental assistance.

What you need

1. Plastic Bottle caps from Milk cartons or Juice cartons
2. Hot glue/ Candle and match box
3. Permanent markers
4. Water resistant paint (optional)
5. Embellishments (optional)


1. Plastic bottle caps of any color and size- washed and dried.

2. Choose a figure you did wish to make and arrange the sizes of the bottle caps accordingly- big cap to make the body, small cap for face and so on. If you are using colored caps, you might want to look at the color combination too- light colored cap for the face (in case you draw the features with a sharpie, it did show then) and dark colored caps for the shoe and so on.

In the image shown here, i have used all similar sized white milk carton bottle caps. 

3. Now that you are sure of how the figure might look like, you could choose to stick the caps together with hot glue or give one of the caps to a light candle flame and then stick it in place with the other cap. Plastic can be slightly melted and stuck together too. It will be all set in a few minutes and the figure would be ready to be embellished!

If you plan to use these as ornaments. Do remember to pierce the cap on the top with a hot needle and make a hole to pass through a ribbon or thread to make a loop.

4. You can wish to paint the figures with water resistant paints like acrylic or fabric paints and then highlight the features such as eyes, nose and mouth with permanent markers. It looks lovely when painted!!

5. The last step is to embellish at will, with any sort of lace/sequins or stickers that you did wish to give these figures a little more glamour!

That’s it !! The cute little ornaments are ready!!  If you wish to see more options with these caps, you are welcome to my blog page:

Wish you loads of fun crafting!!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!