8 Perfect Pumpkin Crafts

This time of the year, pumpkins can be found everywhere.  Between the food, the smells, and the decorations, the orange veggies are almost a staple.  Add a little of that Fall touch to your crafting with one of these 8 projects.  They are all very cute, fairly quick, and pretty easy to make.


1- Wine Cork Pumpkin from My Gourmet Connection


2- Pumpkin Puzzle Wreath from Craftbits


3- Yarn Pumpkins from One Little Project


4- Accordion Paper Pumpkin from Craftbits

jeans5- Blue Jeans Pumpkins from Craftbits

toiletpaperroll6- Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin from Craftbits


7- Knitted Pumpkin from Craftbits

terracotta8- Terracotta Pot Pumpkins from Real House Moms