Knitted Slippers – Grandma’s Quick Time

Knitted Slippers – Grandma’s Quick Time

This free knitting pattern is a great way to create a cozy and warm pair of slippers that would make any Grandma proud. Knitting slippers is a fun and rewarding project that allows you to create a practical and stylish accessory for yourself or your loved ones. With just a few basic knitting techniques and some soft and warm yarn, you can create a pair of slippers that will keep your feet toasty and comfortable on chilly days.

What you need

2 x 50 g Balls of chunky worsted weight yarn (8ply)
No 8 (5 1/2 mm) Needles





This knitting pattern is a hand-me-down, vintage-style pattern, used for generations. The old saying if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it, is true when it comes t this quick slippers knitting pattern.

Knit One slipper at a time, (make 2 for a pair of slippers)

Cast on 34sts.

1st Row Sl.1(slip tog),K10, P1,K10,P1,K11.
2nd Row Sl.1, K33, repeat these 2 rows 23 times more.

mark the beginning of the last row with a different colored yarn.

49th Row Sl.1, K2 Tog,knit to last 3 sts, K2 Tog through back of loop,K1.
Knit 5 Rows

Repeat last 6 rows once more.

61st Row As 49th row.

Knit 4 Rows.
Next Row Sl.1, (Knit 2 Tog) to last st. K1.
Next Row Sl.1, (Knit 2 Tog) to end.
Next Row – (K2 Tog) to end.

Break off yarn and thread through the remaining stitches and fasten off.

Join seam from this end as far as the marker. Join back seam.

Work 2nd slipper to match.

Crochet a chain to form a bow and sew it into the front of each slipper.

All done!





  1. What’s “your” pattern??

  2. Kathy please send me your easier slipper pattern from 40 years ago. My email is Thanks in advance x

  3. Lisa Ogilvie says

    Nowhere in the pattern are you instructed to slip 2 together, there is a typo in the first row after the slip one at the beginning of the row.

  4. Lisa Ogilvie says

    This pattern and patterns like it have been around for over 100 years, many knitters learned how to knit using this pattern or one similar and I used it with my Brownies and girl guides for years, since it is so easy and basic that the children could master it in no time. The only issue with this pattern is the lack of clarification on the yarn required and the fact that these slippers are usually knit double stranded. In all honesty slipper patterns do not get any easier than this, so your comment seems more personal to you only and not really an accurate reflection of the pattern itself.

  5. how do I sew the heel seam? the picture doesn’t show it and the instructions don’t mention it. thank you

  6. Lisa Ogilvie says

    It would be nice to have a clear indication of what yarn was used, since the instructions say “chunky, worsted weight (8 ply)”-those are 3 different yarn sizes, with no clear indication of which is actually the correct one to use.

  7. Does anyone out there have a video of this exact pattern of slipper for an ADHD beginner adult please? You can email me at : if you have links or websites with this exact pattern, I am a visual learner and need to see it be done to learn more quickly. Thanks .


  8. I just completed my first pair and I love them. Very easy for a beginner. I am going to attempt a larger pair but not sure how to increase pattern size for a mans size 10. Any helpful ideas? Thanks.

  9. Arleen Branson says

    it is perfect for beginner knitters!!!
    been years since I have made them but still wearing the first pair I made for myself back in the ’50s.

  10. Thanks for everyones comments. Saved me a lot of time. Now I can knit away and know I am doing it right. As for sizes I find that these kind of slipper stretch so the fit many sizes. For larger sizes, say 10 or larger I use a larger needle . I have also added stitches in the middle to make them wider. Ex. Sl1,k10,p1,k12,p1,k11. Just remember to cast on 36 instead of 34. Hope this helps. Happy Knitting Everyone !

  11. ?Julie in San Diego says

    Just slip the first stitch and then ignore the part in Paren. The count comes out if you do it that way. I have made these many times and that is what I did. Came out looking good. People love them as gifts.

  12. I enjoy many slipper patterns,and I put pom poms,on these instead of crochet strings

  13. I, too, don’t understand the instructions for row 1 “sl1 (slip tog)…what am I slipping together?

  14. says

    Instructions not real clear and jumps from row 23 to the 49th row

  15. Patricia Kietzke says

    My pattern is easier, too, and turns out better.

  16. Gloria Butler says

    The pattern I have is way, way, easier and looks just as nice if not better…..

  17. I have come across many patterns where the first stitch is “slipped” to the opposite needle and not worked. This creates a smooth edge. In the above instructions I almost think the (slip tog) is a typo and not instructions to knit 2 stitches together. When you add the stitches in the first row you come up with the original 34. However, further on in the pattern there are clear instructions to decrease by knitting 2 stitches together. Hope this helps:)

    • Thank you, this helped me alot as I was lost as to what the Sl.1? was. I am now going to make these.

    • Thank you !!
      Begginer over here, have knitted these as a child with Grandma’s help. Looked everywhere for a pattern like grandma’s, this is perfect but I didn’t understand the sl, 1. Your comment explained it perfectly 🙂

  18. Not very clear about instructions

  19. What is S1.1, not familiar with this one?

  20. susan haller says

    please explain Sl.1(slip tog) I would like to make these slipper for xmass

  21. Kathleen Heseltine says

    From the comments shown here there is quite a bit of confusion about those first two rows and the Sl.1 sitch at the beginning. I admit that I too am confused and I would love to make these slippers. Has anyone made them that could clear up these instructions?

  22. you did not answer the question: what does s1.1 mean in the instructions, slip 1 twice than knit together?

    • Tina Ross says

      s1.1 should actually read sl1 that would be much clearer…this is a pretty easy pattern once you understand the way it is written.

  23. Karen Rooney says

    Could you please tell me what size these slippers are. I need a size 10 slipper


  24. Reta Powers says

    the slippers can be knit to fit any length foot. just knit as long as what the foot is.

  25. These would not stay on your feet if you wore them to bed. Look for a pattern with straps.More attractive,too.

  26. I would love to make these slippers, however as a beginner to intermediate knitter I don’t quite understand how to do some of the instructions, such as Sl.l (slip together). Does this mean to slip st the first ch & then 2 together, or 2 together from the start? Also what size do these slippers fit. Are they just for adults or can you make them for children. If for adults what size are they & if for children is there a pattern for them. I really want to make these so please let me know the answers to these questions. Thank you. I like them very much & they do look very easy to make.

  27. what does the slip together mean. pattern says sl. 1.

  28. what size needle for these slippers

  29. What size are these slippers?????????????

  30. What is the gauge?

  31. These are so cute – a lil ole skool but they work … I’m going to use solid wool colors.
    thanks for sharing – their quick Christmas gifts for the family n local hospitals.

  32. Just literally finished making these, and now my feet are toasty warm! Lovely project 🙂

  33. Nope, no rows missing. Do the math…Rows 1 & 2 equals 2 rows plus 2 x 23 equals 46 plus the 2 equals 48…next row is 49.

  34. When you do the first two rows it asks for you to repeat these same 2 rows 23 times which add up to 46 rows (1 row+2row=2 rows, then 2 rows X 23repeats on 1 and 2=46 rows, then 46 rows + first 2 rows 48 rows) Then you follow row 49 as in pattern above.

  35. I learned to knit these slippers many years ago, when I first started knitting. Have made many for nursing homes, etc. My directions used 2 strands of yarn, and included a separate sole knit with 3 strands of yarn, one of which was pure wool. You can’t get as many stitches as the middle section of slippers, too bulky, but just follow the general length, etc. They seem to last forever!
    . Jean, Big Sky Country

  36. Are there rows missing? You say to repeat the first 2 rows 23 times then you go to the 49th row-what about the rows inbetween?

  37. Thank you this is great I have been sitting here for an hour looking for this easy pattern..Thank You again…P.Robinson

  38. TYVM very warming…

  39. Thanks

  40. cool slippers, but what does slip together mean? is it a decrease?

  41. Cute… but what size are these? I wear a size 8 womens shoe… will these fit me?

    • I wish your instructions were more clear you do not explain the first part of sl 1 (sl 2 tog.) what two are you slipping together??????

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