9 Thanksgiving Crafts To Keep Your Kids Busy While Dinner Is Cooking


For most Moms who have the task of either cooking or helping to prep Thanksgiving dinner, it can be a little stressful to do so while trying to take care of the kids as well.  These 9 craft ideas are great to keep them busy, yet are easy enough that they require little supervision on your part.  Tell your children they will be helping with the table decorations by making these fun crafts, and they will be more than willing to sit and craft until their hearts are content.

1- Paper Turkey Centerpiece from Craft Bits

2- Turkey Legs Decoration from Craft Bits

3- Paper Fall Leaves from Craft Bits

4- Give Thanks Tree from Craft Bits

5- Paper Plate Pilgrims from Free Kids Crafts

6- Indian Candy Corns from Craft Bits

7- Paper Bag Tepees from Young School Art

8- Table Placemats from Mind Bites

9- Pilgrim Hat Decoration from Craft Bits