9 Quick & Easy Crochet Patterns


Are you a beginner with crochet?  Maybe you are just looking for a quick and easy project to keep your hands busy while watching television or traveling in the car.  Either way, one of these 9 ideas will be great for your next craft project.  They are all very cute, and very easy.  Which will you try first?

1- Cotton Face Scrubbies from Daisy Cottage Designs

2- Star Flower Bookmark from Craftbits

3- Crochet Bead Ball Pendant from Craftbits

4- Easy Crochet Coasters from Craftbits

5- How To Crochet Easy Buttons from Craftbits

6- Easy Crochet Doily form Craftbits


7- Beginners Granny Square from About Home

8- Lavender Sachet from Craftbits

9- Utterly Easy Crochet Bracelet from Craftbits