Butterfly Mobile

Butterfly Mobile

This project uses wonderful butterflies that the kids have made and turns them into this really fun mobile.

What you need

Butterfly Paintings
coat hanger


To make the butterflies you will need some paint and paper.

Have the children place the paint drops into the middle of the paper and fold it into half to create a butterfly.

Once these butterflies are dried have the children cut them out and glue them to lengths of string.

Tie the string the to coat hanger and your finished.

What you need

Photo paper
Duct tape
Clear packing Tape


I printed out pictures (photos or graphics) on medium weight everyday photo paper (semi-gloss) (you have to print 2 regular and then flip 2 for the back side. (here’s where my OCD kicks in – I always print 6 instead of 4 in case I make a mistake) covered the pictures with clear packing tape then covered the back with duct tape for stability Then I put double face scrapbook tape on the back of the flipped pictures before I cut them out (it’s really really thin tape) You can use almost any type of strong glue if you want but this is the neatest fastest option. Then I cut them out Then I make as small a hole as possible in the top – I used my burny tool but you could probably use a thumbtack. Then I colored the edges black with a paint marker. (I tried Sharpies but they bled onto the earring) then you add beads and wire and embellish them whatever way you want and Voila! You can use any picture you want. I’ve made teddies, butterflies, angels, Jack skellington, Larry the cucumber (don’t you just love VeggieTales?) (of course you are only allowed to sell the ones made with copyright free images…)

This project was contributed by Kaleesi


  1. This is a great project! I am using it for a modified science lesson for kids with disabilities. We are studying life cycles and butterflies. It also duplicates as a UDL (universal design lesson)! Great job, Thanks

  2. This is a good preschool craft I like it

  3. This is like totally awesome!

  4. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    This is a child’s project and is suitable for a 2 year old not an adult. Please consider your comments before posting.

  5. aren’t mobiles suppost to be round? if i wanted this idea i would have let my 2 year old make something up. isn’t there any good mobiles on this web site! my daughter wants a butterfly mobile for her little sister (she’s due in about 3 weeks).

  6. The butterflies are cute, but the hanger could use some help. Maybe use 2 hangers, twist together with pliers and tie ribbon on top.??? This way mobile would be 3-D as well.

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