10 Things You Can Sew for Kids


Whether you are looking for some ideas for birthday gifts, or gifts for the upcoming holiday season, handmade is always the way to go.  While it may take a little extra time, the recipient will definitely treasure that extra special gift and the time you took making it for them.  Here are 10 ideas for things you can sew for kids.  I bet you can find something on this list for the special little one in your life.

1- Kids Backpack from Craftbits

2- Minion Plushies from Craftbits

3- Pleated Headbands from Craftiness Is Not Optional

4- Child Size Apron from Craftbits

5- Pillowcases from Dana Made It

6- DIY Mermaid Tail Blanket from Craftbits

7- Crayon Roll from Craftbits

8- Baby Ribbon Tag Blanket from Craftbits

9- Monster Hooded Towels from Crazy Little Projects

10- Ribbon Bookmarks from Busy Beehives