Knitted Twin Bears: Bill And Ben

Knitted Twin Bears: Bill And Ben

These two bears are twins. The only thing not making them identical is the different wool used to complete each one. The knitting pattern for these bears is the same.

What you need

Needles US 4 (3.5mm)
Wool 8 ply or Double worsted yarn
Size = 6.5 inch x 3.5 inch (16x8cm)

Strand wool makes a larger teddy.
Size= 7x 4.5inch (17.5x12cm)



Welcome to the world of Bill and Ben, the adorable twin knitted bears. These two bears are the perfect companions for anyone who loves to knit and create unique and special items for their home. The bears are identical in every way except for one important detail – the different wool used to complete each one. The knitting pattern used to create these bears is the same, but the use of different colored yarn gives each bear its own unique personality and charm.

The process of creating these bears is both fun and rewarding. The knitting pattern is easy to follow, making it suitable for knitters of all skill levels. The end result is a pair of bears that are not only cute and cuddly, but also make a perfect addition to any room in your home. The bears can be displayed on a shelf, used as a bedtime companion, or given as a special gift to someone you love.

Bill and Ben are not only a joy to knit, but also a joy to have around. They will bring warmth and love to your home and will be treasured for many years to come. So, grab your knitting needles and yarn, and let’s get started on creating these adorable twin bears. You’ll be glad you did!


Cast on 10 stitches
P 1 row.
K twice into every st = 20sts
K 5, k twice into next st, K 8.
K twice into next st, K 5 = 22 sts
Continue in St-St and work 9 rows.

K2 together to the end.
Cast off P wise.

Legs (make 2)

Cast on 8 sts.
P 1 row/
K into ever stitch = 16sts
Begin with P row and st-st 3 rows.


K3, K2 tog, K3 tog,K3 tog
K2 tog, K3 = 10 sts

Continue P1 Row
K twice into 1st and last 2t = 12st
P1 row.
St-st 7 Rows.
K2 tog to end. = 6sts
Cast off P wise.


Cast on 12 sts
P 1 row.
K twice into every st. = 24sts
begin with a P row and st-st 11 rows.


K2 tog to end. =12 sts
P1 row.

(K2 tog) K2 (K2 tog)(K2 tog)
K2 (K2 tog) = 8 sts
P 1 row.

(K2 tog) to end. = 4sts

Thread wool through remaining stitches
draw up and fasten off.

Ears (make 2)

Cast on 6sts.
P 1 row.
Begin with K row continue in st-st and
K2 tog at eachΒ end of next 2 rows = 2sts

Now K twice into first and last stitch of next 2 rows. = 6sts
K1 row.
Cast off P wise.

Arms (make 2)

Cast on 5 sts.
K twice into every st. = 10sts
begin with P row and st-st 9 rows.

K3 (k2 tog)(k2 tog) K3 = 8sts
st-st 4 rows.
P2 tog to end. = 4sts

Thread wool through remaining stitches.
Draw up and fasten off.

To make up:

Sew up seams and firmly stuff. Sew closed.

Sew pieces into place and use black wool for eyes and nose detail.




  1. Michaud Leslie says

    Is there a video tutorial for this? I’m still new in knitting and some of the coding I don’t understand

  2. How did you sew the head.

  3. St st always means knit a row pearl a row? Not sure why you think that 2 rows would be one row? Hope you finally got it right

  4. Corrections are needed in your instructions.
    Body: Begin at neck edge and cast on 10 sts.
    Purl 1 row.
    Inc K wise into every st -20st.
    Beginning with a Purl row , st-st 5 rows.
    K 5, inc in the next st, K8, inch in the next st. K5 = 22st
    continue in st-st and work 9 rows
    (k2tog) to end – 11st Cast off purl wise.
    Arms the pattern does not say purl first row like it does in all the other parts that are cast on. But i do.
    St-St in this pattern means knit one row ,purl one row. First time I did this I thought st-st meant knit one row and purl one row were one row. So my bears looked like sloths long arm, long body and head that was a big as the body.

  5. linda bowes says

    easy to knit but i just cant seem to sew it up can someone please help

  6. Just came across this beautiful pattern, can’t wait to knit it, thank you.

  7. It’s a typo….it should say at each end…not end end. ( for the ears).

  8. Marie Mascarenhas says

    I am have great difficulty knitting the ears have tried three times already. Please help

    • karensmonarch says

      You are right that there is some mistake in the directions, specifically in the total number of stitches you’re supposed to have. When it says that you will end up with 2 stitches, I ended up with 4, and when it says that you will end up with 6 stitches, I had 8. But the ear worked out fine. Just disregard the totals.

      • Margaret fawcett says

        Have made this for a Covid 19 community project blanket. Knitting the pieces was not a problem but the lack of direction regards the construction of the bear caused problems. So more instructions would be appreciated.

  9. Flo in Texas says

    Did anyone do this in crochet by any chance… I don’t knit…. Love crochet. Thanks.

  10. Bonnie Salomons says

    I am trying to sew the head together and the nose is at the end. I feel there should be more and do not know how to put it together. Can you help

  11. I’m knitting in the round I satead of seaming. Are the ears seamed or not?

  12. I don’t seam to be able to print out the patterns

  13. Fabulous pattern – thank you very much. πŸ˜‰ Mo

  14. oh wow how cute are these

  15. Hi! I,m a beginner, and there is a few thing I don`t understand in this pattern; in the body what is ” Continue in St-St and work 9 rows.” what is st st mean ?
    And for the legs after the 3 rows what do we do
    Thank you very much!

  16. I love this pattern! It’s so simple and it didn’t take too long either which is awesome- especially for me- a beginner! πŸ˜‰

  17. Thank you for shareing your pattern,all knitted and as i am a beginner my Teddy will be called “Odd Ear” for obvious reasons πŸ˜‰

  18. Hi its me again. I have finnaly come round to knitting this teddy and have just completed my first out of 10!!! I am just abck from Egypt and I am knitting one for my friend when I get back. I have made a lot of modifications so that they are completly different for these two. Talk to you later

  19. I have not kniited the teddies yet but I am looking forward too but I noticed a few typo’s that might help a few people if you got round to fixing them. Looks a good pattern. Getting onto knitting it right now.

  20. Cute and easy!

  21. sweet!! the pattern is sooo easy!! Thanks

  22. to sweet l I love them. Thanks for sharing with us.

  23. they look sooo cute

  24. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    so cute!!!! :] love it this is adorable..i have lots of newborns to knit for and this will be perfect!!!! :]

  25. the fuzzy brown one looks real!

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