9 Spring Home Décor Crafts


Here at Craftbits, we love Spring!  We love the beautiful new flowers blossoming, the fresh clean air that’s beginning to warm, and every bright and colorful craft project we can get our hands on.  Today we are bringing you 9 of our favorite craft projects that you can make and use as some home décor pieces.  We love them all, but do you have a favorite?

1- Paper Daffodil Bouquet from Craftbits

2- Craft Yarn Egg Garland from Mod Podge Rocks

3- Chevron Mason Jar Vase from Unoriginal Mom

4- Decorated Easter Egg Tree from Craftbits

5- Burlap Door Banner from Craftbits

6- Carrot Shaped Pillow from Craftbits

7- Paper Straw Egg from Keeping It Simple Crafts

8- Springtime Garden Wreath from Craftbits

9- Noodle Butterfly Décor from How Does She