9 DIY Christmas Decorations


It’s getting closer to the time for decorating our homes for the holidays.  Put your own touch on your decorating this year by making your own.  These 9 ideas are not only adorable, but easy as well.  Browse through our list and see what you think.  Get started on them now and have them ready to enjoy throughout the holiday season.

1-  Reindeer Games Chalkboard Sign from Craft Bits

2- Paper Snowflakes from Craft Bits

3- Clothespin Ornaments from By Stephanie Lynn

4- Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments from Fireflies and Mud Pies

5- Craft Stick Christmas Nativity from Craft Bits

6- Painted Corner Snowman from Craft Bits

7- Crochet Gingerbread Man from Craft Bits

8- Cone Ornaments from Craft Bits

9- Christmas Cookie Garland from Craft Bits