Easy Crochet Coasters

Classic Crochet coasters that are so easy to make!

Easy Crochet Coasters

What you need

Size G crochet hook
scraps of 4ply yarn


With color A

Chain 5

Join to form ring. Ch3(counts as 1 dbl)

Row 1-15 Dbl. crochet in ring. Drop color A.

Color B

Row 2-Ch 3

2 dbl in each dbl around.Ending 1dbl.in beginning chain.

Color C

Ch3, 2dbl.in next stitch, I dbl. in next stitch, continue around until ch3 sp.I Dbl.in ch3 space, end off.


All done!

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  1. The pattern is easy enough, however these instructions might be a little confusing to a beginner. Can’t wait to try it. It would be a great way to use up my scraps.

  2. What a nice pattern! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Classic crochet coasters, quick and easy to make and very cute :)

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