Tea Cup Candle

Tea Cup Candle

Have a tea while making this candle in a tea cup! Step by step pictures help you to make this project.

What you need

paraffin wax
teacup – the older and/or prettier the better
wick holder (little round metal thingy)
pliers or crimping tool
wooden skewer or stick
coffee can and large pan, or double boiler
oven mitts or potholders


1. Melt wax or old candle stubs in a double boiler or coffee can in a pan of water.

Melt Wax

2. Place wick into cup and cut to length, allowing for 1-2 inch for tying around a stick.

3. Insert wick into wick holder and crimp to hold.

Teacup Wick

4. Place wick into center cup and hold with a stick across width of cup to hold the wick in place.

5. Pour melted wax into cup (while wearing oven mitts or potholders to prevent burns)

6. Make sure wick is still centered, adjust if necessary, and allow wax to cool

7. Trim wick


  1. Your instructions are too simple and will end up with poor candle cups with dips! I know as I make them all the time

  2. Can you use soywax for this project??

  3. this is very good i am going to try it

  4. I’m just getting started making candles and this seems sooooo easy I cannot wait to try it out. A friend just gave me an assortment of old cups and mugs and I plan to use these.

  5. najarrowe says

    I am making this for a baby shower as prizes. I have already made soap molds with sayings on them its a boy, its a girl, its a baby using baby powder sent.

  6. I made this craft when I saw this article. I managed to purchase some teacups from a thrift store. They made delightful Christmas presents and the people who recieved them loved them. Thank you for this great article.

    R. Frederick.

  7. I THINK THIS IS SO ADORABLE! just love it!

  8. Love these. Gave out 5 to friends and they loved them. WHne they burn down they can use the cups for tea or return them for candle refills. Great table decoration too.

  9. That’s pretty cool.

  10. I always use a bit of melted wax to anchor the metal thingy to the bottom of the container before pouring to make sure it stays in place.

  11. craftisjusLOL says

    simple but trendy !!awesome idea!!

  12. very good

  13. These look fantastic on the Kitchen bench

  14. I have a suggestion, Put in scent and color. Yes they have coffee scent, and brown color :)They sell them at ALL craft stores.

  15. I am going to make this for my cousin for her wedding gift mext year…I have been trying to figure out what to make her since I found out she was getting married.

  16. Awesome!

  17. its sounds simple and looks neat. I think this is a very special project.

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