Resin Watercolor Ink Coasters

Resin Watercolor Ink Coasters

Make these watercolor coasters using resin

What you need


Casting Resin
Measuring Tools
Disposable Mixing bowl or cup
Disposable tools

Alcohol inks Colors of choice and white

Resin Coaster Mold


Learn how to cast resin via our tutorial.

Mix your resin according to package directions.

Pour enough resin into your mold to cover the bottom, up to ¼ inch thick bubbles will appear in the resin.

Sing a heat gun, keeping it moving, run it over the resin to pop any bubbles.

Using your colored inks, start dropping a few drops throughout the resin.

For the watercolor effect, use your white alcohol ink and drop it over where you dropped your colored inks.

After a few moments, you will notice the colors starting to spread and mix together.

Allow to harden for 24 hours before removing from the mold.


  • If a lip forms around the edge of coaster, use a piece of sandpaper to remove.
  • Without the white, the colors will not spread and melt into each other the same ways as they do when you add the white.
Watercolor ink coasters

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