8 DIY Hair Treatments To Keep Your Hair Healthy



The winter months tend to leave us feeling dry and drab.  Your hair is no exception to that feeling.  Make sure you are giving it the nourishment and attention it needs.  Whether you go to the salon on a regular basis, or try some things at home, these 8 DIY hair treatments are sure to keep you locks beautiful all year ’round.

1- Green Tea and Mustard Oil from Craftbits

2- Homemade Herbal Shampoo from Craftbits

3- Split Ends Hair Mask from Craftbits

4- Hot Oil Treatment from Craftbits

5- Shiny Hair Rinse from Craftbits

6- Scalp Detox from Thirsty Roots

7- Epsom Salt Hair Volumizer from Craftbits

8- Ultimate Hair Repair Treatment from Maskcara