Rope Bucket Bag

Rope Bucket Bag

Perfect for the beach or a day by the pool, this slim bucket bag is fun to carry as it is to make on your own.

What you need

PDF pattern

Main fabric (we recommend upholstery weight)

Lining fabric

Heavy weight interfacing

8 sets of tent grommets in 1/2″ size

Thick rope, or cotton twine

Multipurpose adhesive such as UHU


Tent grommets can be found in hardware stores, and are usually sold with the tools and instructions to affix them. For the rope handle, you can either use thick rope, or use our tutorial to make your own handles out of cotton twine.



Cut the main fabric, lining fabric and interfacing according to the Rope Bucket Bag Pattern.

2 x body pieces each

1 x base piece each

Iron on the interface pieces to all the lining pieces.


For the body pieces, place the main fabric piece to the interfaced lining piece with the right sides facing.


Stitch the pieces together at the top, 5mm away from the edge.

Repeat with the other main fabric and lining body piece.


Now place both pieces right sides facing like the above picture.


Sew down both sides, 5mm from the edges. You will have a tube.


Turn the tube inside out, and fold the lining fabric into the main fabric. Let some of the lining fabric peek out from the top of the bag’s opening.


Top stitch the bag opening.


This is what your bag’s opening will look like.


Lay the pattern piece on top of the bag to mark the points for the grommets– 4 on the front, and 4 on the back.


Carefully cut out a hole large enough for the grommet to fit in.

Tip: Cut a hole that’s smaller than the grommet, and carefully snip around the edges as you push the grommet through. This is to avoid the chances of cutting a hole that’s way too big.


Follow the package instructions to hammer the grommets in.


Once done, you will have installed 8 grommets onto the bag.

Machine baste the main fabric and lining of the bottom of the bag, as close to the edge as possible.


Place the base pieces together wrong sides facing. Machine baste all around as close to the edge as possible


Turn the bag inside out, and pin the base to the edges of the bag’s bottom.


Stitch all around.


Turn the bag inside out again.


To make the bag handles, tie 3 strands of cotton twine (measuring 44” each) together. Dab some adhesive onto 2 strands, and use the other strand to wrap around them.


Keep dabbing and wrapping until you reach the end, and knot the ends.

Fold in the sides of the opening so that the grommets are lined up with each other like the picture above.



String one end of the rope handle through 3 grommets.


Take the other end of the rope handle and string it through the 4 grommets on the other side of the bag.


Bring that same end to the last grommet and string it through.


Knot both ends of the rope handle, and trim away excess.


And you’re done! 🙂


  1. Bonnie Zcameron says

    I LOVE IT,….but when I printed it out, it just caught the edge of the pattern. How can I copy it so it’s complete?
    Thanks….this is a great looking bag! Just need the full pattern!

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