Magical Witchcraft Storm Hag

Magical Witchcraft Storm Hag

A storm hag is a magical talisman you create to protect your home from storm damage during periods of severe weather. This little dolly is not intended to look sweet; she is meant to be fierce and just a little bit frightening, while maintaining enough charm to make you smile each time you see her

What you need

Natural cotton balls
Protective herbs
A sock (any size)
Rubber bands
Fabric scraps
Embroidery floss or yarn


A storm hag is easy and inexpensive to make. Make use of fabric scraps you already have or purchase inexpensive cotton yardage if you need to.

Because she’s left outside during the harshest winter weather, your storm hag can begin looking a bit tattered after a season or two. Some magical folks believe the weathered look only adds to the talisman’s charm and power, but if you don’t agree, you can plan to make a new hag each winter.

Place a large handful of natural cotton balls (not synthetic puffs) into a ceramic or copper bowl. Mix in some protective herbs. Bay leaf, holly, St., John’s wort and peppercorns are especially recommended for protection against storms, but other protective herbs such as rosemary, mugwort, oak leaves, fennel, caraway seeds, mustard seeds and clove are some other good choices. Use whatever proportions feel right to you. Remember, when making magical crafts, your intention is the most important ingredient.



Mix the cotton and herbs together while visualizing your home as a safe, warm haven throughout the winter months.

Stuff the cotton and herb mix into the toe of an old sock and shape it into a head. Keep the cotton in place by twisting a rubber band tightly under the “chin.” If you want to keep the same storm hag year after year, protect the cotton stuffing from moisture by slipping a plastic sandwich bag over it. Secure the bag with a rubber band. If you prefer to make a new talisman each winter, skip this step.

Cover the head with a square of cloth in any solid color. Hold it in place with a rubber band.

Stitch a pair of strong, watchful eyes onto the “face” of your sock. You can include all the facial features if you wish, but the eyes should be the dominant element. If you aren’t handy with a needle and thread, use a permanent marker to draw in her features.


Tear approximately 50 strips of cloth approximately 1 and ½ inches wide. Vary the length between 12 and 20 inches long. Gather the strips around the doll’s neck, distributing them evenly as you work. You can arrange them in any order that appeals to you; the overall effect should be a somewhat ragged dress that will blow freely in the wind. Use a piece of string to tightly tie the cloth strips into place. Wrap the string around the strips several times to keep them all secure.

Cut a large triangle and tie it onto her head in the style of a kerchief.

Stitch a loop of embroidery floss in the back of the hag’s head so you have a way to display her.

Hang your storm hag on the front door and let her wild, frightening glaze stare down any storm that dares to approach your doorstep this season!


  1. Love this idea! And using magical intent for protection is wonderful, as well as the easy design.

  2. I love this idea and it sounds so simple. I’m going to do this with my granddaughters.

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