Firework Headbands {4th Of July Craft}

Firework Headbands {4th Of July Craft}

Create a spark this 4th of July with these adorable firework headbands made from colorful patriotic flare!

What you need

Headbands- (We used thin headbands)
Ribbon- Red, White or Blue (We used Glitter Ribbon)
Glue Gun
Patriotic Wire Baubles- Found at local Craft Stores


  1. Gather materials and plan out your firework sculpture!
  2. Take your headband and add a dab of hot glue (parents please supervise younger children with the hot glue gun) to the bottom inside of one side of the headband and press your ribbon into glue on headband. Glue1
  3. Begin to wrap the ribbon tightly around your headband in a spiral formation. Ribbon TwirlHeadband Wrap
  4. Continue wrapping and adding small amounts of glue to secure every couple inches until headband is fully wrapped. Glitter headbandHeadband2
  5. Grab your patriotic flare and begin to wrap the wire around the top of the headband where you would like your firework to be located. We chose to put it on the side. The wire part will look unsightly, but don’t worry we will wrap it with ribbon later! WireBaubles
  6. Continue adding your wire firework flare until you are happy with what you have created! Once you are satisfied, take the same ribbon, or perhaps a complementing color ribbon, and wrap it around your wire area. Tie a knot to secure, and then tie remainder of ribbon into cute bow.
  7. Put your headband on and make your way to the nearest BBQ! Here are two of our firework headbands we made! Blue headband
    Blue headband2red bandEnjoy! Happy 4th of July!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!