Photo Bags

Photo Bags

Always wanted to make those photo bags but didn't know how to? Here is your chance!

What you need

photocopied photo
transfer glue
fabric bag or pencil case.


Firstly decide on the photograph you’re going to use.

It works best if you use a light coloured case, so that everything in the photo will show up clearly.

Get your photograph colour photocopied.

Make sure you get the image reversed when it’s copied as it gets re-reversed when you stick it onto the pencil case!

To protect your pencil case from getting messy, cut a piece of card that’s a bit smaller than the pencil case and cover it with foil.

Then put it inside the pencil case and you’re ready to go!

Keep your picture rectangular, or cut it into any shape you like.

Squeeze a generous amount of transfer paste onto the picture.

You can buy this in art and craft shops – it’s used especially for getting images onto material

Use a brush to cover the image so that you can barely see the picture.

Then put the picture face down on the case.

To make sure that the photo transfers properly, put a piece of paper over the case and apply some pressure with a rolling pin.

Then leave it to dry for 4 hours.

When the picture is dry, soak a sponge in water and completely soak the picture.

Then rub the picture with your finger tips.

Keep rubbing away until all of the top layer of the paper is removed.

Once it’s dry, go over the picture one more time with the sponge to remove any last bits of paper.

Leave it to dry yet again!

Then seal the picture onto the case by spreading a small amount of the transfer paste over the picture with a clean paint brush.

Then, yes you guessed it, leave it to dry – but this time leave it overnight.

Once the case is dry take out the piece of card and there you have it!


  1. Wow cool great for me i am gonna do this in my school bag 😀

  2. i love it soo much! i made my own tranfer pencil case with flowers on it!
    very easy instructions.

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