Summer Twirl-a-jig

Summer Twirl-a-jig

This project is so easy to make but is hours of fun for the kids. And it doesn't take too many items either. Learn to make your own twirl-a-jig!

What you need

1 sheet craft foam (foamie sheet)any color
Black marker
Acrylic paints-your choice of colors
Black paint pen
Fishing line 12-18″
Spinner connector -find in the fishing department
Dinner plate


You can use a plain colored foam for this project and follow the painting directions below. But we found a lovely double sided foam that had a lovely design on it.

We just added a fishing line loop and hung it up, which made it a very simple project for the kids.

Using the dinner plate and marker, draw a circle on the craft foam sheet. Cut out the circle.



Then using the scissors start at the edge of the foam circle and start cutting in a spiral shape ( around and around the circle ) until you have a small circle in the center approximately 1-1/2″-2″.


If you pick up and hold the foam circle by the small circle in the center the rest will hang down in a spiral shape. Using the acrylic paint colors of your choice and having the whole spiral on a plate (so that it is easy to pick up and move out of the way) paint diamond shapes in 2 or 3 colors on one side.

When the diamonds are dry, outline them with a black paint pen. When the paint pen is dry, turn the spiral over and make stripes of various colors on that side, spacing them at least 1″ apart or more.

Then outline them with the paint pen. Now you are ready to hand your spiral. Using the needle poke two holes close together in the small circle in the center. Then place each end of the fishing line through one hole and pull snugly. Tie the fishing line to one end of the spinner connector.

Hang outside from the other end of the spinner connector, from a tree. This will now spin even in the slightest wind or breeze and is fun to watch. Makes a wonderful yard decoration.


  1. I teach kindergarten for our church sunday school. Depending on their cutting skills, which can vary greatly, I think this would be a great project.

  2. wonderfully easy for the bunch of kids i have at home for their summers.
    i used round paper plates so it was easier

  3. This is a great project. You can even make Holiday ornaments to hang on the tree. I made mine for the tree and some others for the Spring with vibrant colours.

  4. Its easy to make

  5. cool

  6. quick, cheap, easy to find supplies-excellent group project for kids!

  7. This looks like FUN!

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