Easy No Sew Pillow

This is a very simple project that can be adapted to suit the materials you have on hand to make a no sew pillow.

Easy No Sew Pillow

What you need

1 Metre of Fabric
1 Cushion insert or filling


I used a snugly polar fleece for this because polar fleece does not fray which will insure this pillow is durable.

You can use any type of fabric, but Lycra or knit fabrics will work best as they also do not fray.

I used a large cushion insert for this that I bought ready made you can use a pillow insert of any shape or just use loose filling.

Start by deciding on the size of your cushion, if you are using a insert then you need to lay your cushion insert onto your fabric and measure a 10 cm hem larger than the insert and cut it out.

This will become the tassels for tying later.

You need to cut out 2 of these one for each side of the pillow case.

No matter what shape your pillow is just remember make it 10cms larger than the insert and you can’t go wrong.

If you are using loose filling then cut out your fabric to your desired size and shape. You will need 2 of these one for each side of the pillow.

Using sharp scissors cut a fringe of around 2 cm wide and 10 cm in length all the way around your pillow shape.

You will need to do this to both sides of the pillow. To save time you can pin the two sides together and cut them together.

Next you need to close up your pillow.

Do this by starting in one corner and tying one fringe from each side of the pillow together into a knot. (see above picture) this will join both sides. Continue to do this till you have knotted up all 3 sides.

Insert your filling or cushion insert then close up the top of the pillow by finishing off the knots.

You have finished your very easy pillow cover!

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  1. the instructions were a little confusing and i had to keep stopping to sort out what it was that i needed to do next but other than it’s pretty simple i guess! :)

  2. thanks i needed this its for a project in school

  3. thanks am new but ill aways come here

  4. Super easy!! But had trouble with the corners :(

  5. AWSEOME!!!!!

  6. I am going to make one of these for the first time today!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Beautiful! :D

  8. this was a fun and easy way to make pillows and have fun with ur friends *angei*

  9. I made my boyfriend a no sew blanket for valentines day and am excited to make this pillow for him for our 6 month anniversary! :)

  10. Fun! But Had Hard Time Finding Filling For THe INside

  11. My grandmother and I made 2 of these pillows when I stayed overnight at her house recently. We like to do crafts together. It is fun! I love to cut and tie the fringes! Lydia

  12. thank you this will be great because i am having a party and we will be making these together i cant wait

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