Wish Bracelet

This free jewelry making project shows you how to make a wish bracelet using hemp. You can also make this bracelet using seed beads the colors of chakra for a more spiritual bracelet.

Wish Bracelet

What you need

Seed Beads


Take three pieces of hemp long enough too fit around you wrist and tie around 10 inches.

Braid about half of your wrist length. Then, while braiding, put beads on every other string you pick up.

Once the beads are on, braid the rest of the way down and tie a knot. Before tying the bracelet on your wrist, make a wish!

Then TIE the bracelet on your wrist. NEVER take it off. When it falls off on its own, your wish will come true!


  1. i like projects for all kinds

  2. Where do you find hemp at

  3. What do the colors represent on the “Wish Bracelet?” Dorretha

  4. How many beads do you need on the bracelet?

  5. When you are braiding (practice on yarn or other item), cross over one piece, then pick up the next yarn and add bead, then braid it. Braid next strand, pick up next strand and add bead, then braid it. Do this until you have what you want for beads, then just braid the yarn. Hope this helped.

  6. True

  7. can you explain more on the part where you start adding the beads? in very confused and my first bracelet looks weird

  8. TheDoctor68 says:

    Twine also works well!

  9. I buy it at Michaells, sometimes they have it in crafts sections in stores and have even bought it at the dollar store in their craft section.

  10. where do i buy hemps

  11. I love this so much!! thanks <3

  12. looks good, i think i should try this one 😀

  13. I bought one like this to work out how to do it. Thank you,

  14. AnKsMemere says:

    If you can braid, you can do this. I use to make things like this years ago when I was a kid.

  15. looks really hard

  16. WOW!!! that is so easy can`t wait to try it

  17. I love this project!!! i made one out of plastic tubing and it stayed on for 6 months!!!

  18. ohmygosh!!! i have been looking for a pattern like this. i love it :) thanks 4 sharing

  19. I LOVE THIS BRACLET!!!! it is a great project to work on plus it looks great and feels special when u wear it!!! Thanks craftbits!!!! I am so gonna try make this!

  20. thank you!!!
    i have LITERALLY searched, like, all over google for this. i love making bracelets and i saw this one that i didnt know how to make in a store, i had to have it!!!

  21. lllalallalalla

  22. what happens if it doesnt fall off? :(

  23. this is awesome my friend loved it

  24. What are “chakra” colors????????? BD

  25. it seems very easy cute & fun ill try to make it 😀

  26. this is super cute! and i love the idea of using the color of your chakra

  27. AWSOME


  29. what is hemp? is it a type of string?

  30. I just love your site I will never have to Google another site for Ideas again!!!!!

  31. hi this bracelet is awesome! im gonna make heaps for all my friends and I to wear!

  32. wow love this project i have been trying to figure out how to make one of those for ages

  33. I love the idea that a wish will come true!

  34. This is so cute and it sounds very easy to make.

  35. awwwwwwww cute

  36. does the wish really come true?

  37. This is cute:)

  38. wow this is just like the ones from tree of life, wheere ccan i buy hemp?

  39. I just think it looks pretty can I not use it as a wish bracelet?

  40. cool ill ty it

  41. These are really cute. I am going to make a bunch in the school colors for the kids .Some were asking what they could use in place of hemp. size 3 or 10 crochet thread would work.

  42. liz_fierce says:

    i will definitely make one!

  43. I love this project but I do not understand how to finish the bracelet like the pictures

  44. It Looks Neat.

  45. Wonderful! Thanks a lot! =]

  46. There are so much of those in walmart ect. But this is way better and cheaper.

  47. JewelryKrazy says:

    This is such a cute Idea!! I will definitely have to make one of these-and maybe for my friends!!

  48. i c these in stores all the time, and the ones i made r even better! take that!! walmart….:):):):):):):):))))

  49. This sounds really nice and simple. I do a lot of bracelets and rings, and I like this idea. I might also try doing it with a ring, but that might be too hard. Thnaks for sharing!

  50. This is sooo cute

  51. i luv it

  52. This is really cute! instead of using hemp you can use embroidery floss but the hemp stays longer and the embroidery floss is more likely to break.

  53. fab-i love it!

  54. i LOVE this but wat cud i use instead of hemp would it work

  55. pretty kool ayy i use it all da timmmee thankss

  56. this project is so cute i made lik 5 already

  57. NICE!

  58. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. I LOVE this bracelet!!!

  60. so cool! i have got to make me one of these! 😉

  61. love it

  62. I love these bracelets! Thanks for the method (recipie) for them.. Thank you soooo much

    Five Stars from me *****

  63. Hi all.

    This is driving me nuts!! No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to make this work. Everyone else says this is easy so I am going even more nuts. Can someone give me any tips or, even, send me a couple of photos of the process (I will give my email if you can)?

    I really want to make these as they look great and my daughter is desperate for a bracelet for Christmas.


  64. This looks really pretty but if I don’t have hemp can I use something else?

  65. Fierce

  66. thats so cool

  67. Super Cute and very versitle idea. good work! :)

  68. sarah127127 says:

    I love this. Iv’e made one and every one likes it! I recomend it.

  69. this project is so cool! i love it

  70. heyoo

  71. I love this project. I think it is so cute.

  72. so cool,using different flosses makes interesting patterns as well.my girls are so happy

  73. i am not sure if the wish really comes true

  74. thanks for the idea!! thats a new way of adding beads that i didnt know how to do before.. am off to try it now! :)

  75. Very Cute! im using them for school buisness day project!!

  76. i love this bracelet i made millions but i lost them?! hahahah lol

  77. I made one once. It was cool.

  78. so cute!!! <3 it!

  79. It’s cute ! (:

  80. cool idea!

  81. Fab

  82. i like it, good idea.

  83. good for kids but it could use a little more explaning. GOOD WORK.

  84. very interesting and great

  85. I love this this craft and I did it I’m not sure though if It’s a wish bracelet because I never did a wish on the bracelet! But it is cute and stylish and it’s absolutly wonderful!!!

  86. i love the look of it, very cute and stylish. it could also support cancer patients with the right beads.

  87. i didn’t have hemp so i used regular string and it looks wonderful so do the same as me if you don’t have hemp i love this project so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (x a million trillio

  88. I have a wish bracelet and it is a really nice bracelet that matches almost all my clothing! It is almost as if it’s PERFECT!

  89. absoluteyl wondervul

  90. this workes to, but I was looking for a wish bracelet that doesnt have any beads and has some weird/cool type of complicated beading along the whole top! I got it at the “Festival de Voyager”! but I cant find it anywhere else, so I’m trying to make one!!!

  91. Sooo cool! But it gets stretched out after getting wet:(

  92. beautiful thought. easy to make and allows you to dream a little bit.

  93. I love this idea it’s so cute and
    it’s so fun.

  94. I made this for a school project and everyone loved it and wanted me to make them one. Very cool!

  95. very cool indeed

  96. cool and easy

  97. love it!!!

  98. jeangirl0317 says:

    I knew how to make this but I never thought of putting beads on it.Thanks.

  99. cute for kids not for adults

  100. awesome, awesome it was like totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. my wish came true and i really whanted what i wished for

  102. i love it ill make it for my bffl (best friends for life)

  103. It looks very pretty!

  104. nice… loved it, whoever thought of this is a genious!!!

  105. it is cool

  106. I think this is just right for youngsters

  107. Guest:
    thats awesome!

  108. good

  109. so simple, yet a good idea!! thanks for posting it here!!

  110. I love to make braclet’s.

  111. dogzlover says:

    this is an awesome craft. i love it. i’m gonna make millions of these bracelets!!!

  112. this is great but i would make the idea that instead of it being until it falls of i would be each bead has a wish inside so it is very exciting and you can get your child or granddaughter to tell you the wishes!

  113. kittyluver98 says:

    i luv ittt it is sooo stylish?

  114. very cute!!!

  115. i love my wish bracelet it is so cute and fun to make

  116. I have bought these before, i am looking forward to making my own.

  117. lassie_cassie says:

    I buy these all the time!! Now i will make my own!! Thanks =)

  118. love it so much it is a perfect circle fits perfectly ya u

  119. I just made my own bracelet! Thanks for the great how-to!

  120. Love It!*_*

  121. Wow I think that is such a great idea! IT looks so pretty!

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  125. Looks easy to do and very fun!

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  129. i like how you made it like theres no string in the beads

  130. Love the project, but could have come with more detailed instructions. 5* otherwise.

  131. Amazing!!!
    this is really fun too make and my friends alll love them!!:DD

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  133. I’m going to share this with my grandaughters.

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  136. very creative idea

  137. great for the granddaughters – thanks

  138. I am going to do this craft with my Brownie group at their sleepover.

  139. My wish BETTER COME TRUE NOW!

  140. Can you do it with wool too?

  141. this is so awesome, wish i had the stuff to make it

  142. This is such an easy and simple craft to do! And it looks unique!!! They are soooooo awesome!

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  144. Beautiful,looks easy to make,great idear

  145. It’s fab and a great present. Thankx

  146. good idea for small group project thanks

  147. very neat & easy for kids to make thank you

  148. very neat & easy for kids to make thank you

  149. Very nice, very easy. I think that I’d list some recommended bead types/brands, but otherwise helpful.

  150. great craft… to the person who asks about hemp and seed beeds, go to Walmart and you’ll find out (and be able to get some) in the craft section…

  151. wow cool braclet

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  153. this is a great idea THANK YOU!

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  155. i’ve been looking all over the web for this ! :)

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  159. I think this was a really cool project to do!

  160. Otterkitty says:

    Awesome i have to try it out!

  161. thats so sweet :)

  162. it was so good my brother and sister got a whole bunch of string and beads and made 40 each at least!

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  164. awesome

  165. kobisgal says:


  166. I Think This Was Very Good!

  167. sweetshelley says:

    Its awesome, looks very good! :) :)

  168. rock on

  169. It is quite clever!

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  172. what is hemp and seed beads?

  173. this is a amasing web site love it

  174. i like it a lot…. could you use others kinds of thread instead of hemp… i’m finding it hard to get hold of some

  175. question…what kind of knot are you supposed to tie for it to stay on but loose enough for it to fall off on it’s own?

  176. i think its a good project to do if you have the stuff at home

  177. I’m thinking of doing one of these for my fiancee before his deployment.

  178. I like this. It seems simple enough…

  179. Really cool.

  180. lunawolfspirit says:

    kids love this one

  181. Love the idea. I do Big Brother Big Sister, and my Little and I will defently do this one week!

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  184. chanceylovespearl@yahoo.c says:

    needs 2 be more colorful

  185. I LUV THIS IDEA!!! its so good and creative


  187. I Love It!
    As Soon As I get Home I Am Defonately Going To Make One For All My Friends

  188. Sounds like a fun project to do with my granddaughter

  189. it was the best ever in my life 223

  190. Fun to make and easy to do! This is a great project to do with the kids!

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