Wish Bracelet

This free jewelry making project shows you how to make a wish bracelet using hemp. You can also make this bracelet using seed beads the colors of chakra for a more spiritual bracelet.

Wish Bracelet

What you need

Seed Beads


Take three pieces of hemp long enough too fit around you wrist and tie around 10 inches.

Braid about half of your wrist length. Then, while braiding, put beads on every other string you pick up.

Once the beads are on, braid the rest of the way down and tie a knot. Before tying the bracelet on your wrist, make a wish!

Then TIE the bracelet on your wrist. NEVER take it off. When it falls off on its own, your wish will come true!

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  1. Where do you find hemp at

  2. What do the colors represent on the “Wish Bracelet?” Dorretha

  3. How many beads do you need on the bracelet?

  4. When you are braiding (practice on yarn or other item), cross over one piece, then pick up the next yarn and add bead, then braid it. Braid next strand, pick up next strand and add bead, then braid it. Do this until you have what you want for beads, then just braid the yarn. Hope this helped.

  5. True

  6. can you explain more on the part where you start adding the beads? in very confused and my first bracelet looks weird

  7. TheDoctor68 says:

    Twine also works well!

  8. I buy it at Michaells, sometimes they have it in crafts sections in stores and have even bought it at the dollar store in their craft section.

  9. where do i buy hemps

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