DIY Tree Of Life Wall Hanging

DIY Tree Of Life Wall Hanging

Use dollar tree items and basic craft supplies and unleash your creativity as we bring the beauty of the outdoors into our homes with this enchanting Tree of Life wreath.

What you need

One wire wreath form
Seven packs of nautical rope
Two packs of reindeer moss or colored moss
One pack of gemstones or river pebbles
Hot glue gun or white craft glue


Are you a visual learner? Check out this YouTube video with a similar design.  The images were contributed by Jo-lene, we love your design Jo-lene thanks for sharing with us.

Before you begin crafting your Tree of Life wreath, it’s essential to set up your workspace. Clear a clean, flat surface where you can lay out all your materials and work comfortably without any obstructions.

Select Your Wire Wreath Form: Choose a wire wreath form that suits the size and style you desire for your wreath. You can find these forms in various sizes at your local craft store or online. Ensure that the form is sturdy and will provide a stable base for your creation.

Create the Tree Structure: Lay the wire wreath form flat on your workspace. This will serve as the foundation for building your Tree of Life. Take the nautical rope and begin wrapping it around the wire form, starting from one end and working your way around and gluing the ends to secure them to the wire. hot glue will work best for that.


This project by Jo-lene also features a little swing set. This can be made using gold wire and small blocks, cardboard or clay for the swing seat.

Next, it is time to create the tree, there are multiple ways to do this, but for this tutorial we will create a thick trunk by forming loops of the rope and binding it around the middle.

As you wrap, twist and loop the rope to create the trunk and branches of your tree. Experiment with different thicknesses and patterns to achieve a natural and visually appealing shape.

Secure the Rope: Once you’ve wrapped the rope to your satisfaction and achieved the desired tree structure, it’s time to secure the ends. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the ends of the rope to the wire form, ensuring they are firmly in place. Be careful when handling the hot glue to avoid burns or use a clear craft glue to paste the ends down.

Add Texture with Reindeer Moss: Now, let’s add some lush greenery to your Tree of Life wreath. Take handfuls of reindeer moss and gently tuck them into the spaces between the wrapped rope branches. This will create the illusion of foliage and give your wreath a natural, organic look. Spread the moss evenly throughout the branches, adjusting as needed to achieve the desired density and coverage.

Embellish with Stones: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your wreath by incorporating decorative stones. Scatter the stones around the base of the tree, adhering them to the wire form with hot glue. Choose stones of various sizes and colors to add visual interest and texture to your creation. Be creative and arrange the stones in a way that complements the overall design of your wreath.


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