DIY Baby Shower Gumball Centrepiece

DIY Baby Shower Gumball Centrepiece

Welcome to our DIY tutorial on creating an adorable Gumball Baby Shower Centerpiece! If you're hosting a baby shower and want to add a fun and charming touch to your table decor, this project is perfect for you.

What you need

Large glass jar (such as a trifle bowl)

Small glass jar

Gumballs in various colors we went for blue

Fresh flowers




In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to assemble a delightful centerpiece using two glass jars, gumballs, and fresh flowers. With this creative and eye-catching centerpiece, you’ll impress your guests and create a memorable focal point. You can use the gumballs as a whole theme. Check out the baby shower gumball machine for party favors we found on Amazon.

Prepare Your Jars:

Begin by ensuring that both glass jars are clean and dry. The smaller jar will sit inside the larger one, so choose jars that fit together nicely. A trifle bowl works well for the outer jar due to its wide opening.

Set up the inner jar:

Place the smaller glass jar in the center of the larger one. This inner jar will hold the fresh flowers and water, while the outer jar will contain the gumballs.

Fill the small jar with water, leaving enough space at the top to add your flowers later. Make sure the water level is below the rim of the inner jar.

Add gumballs to the outer jar.

Carefully pour gumballs into the outer jar, filling it to the top. The gumballs will serve as a colorful and playful base for your centerpiece.

Ensure that the gumballs are evenly distributed around the outer edge of the jar for a balanced look.

Arrange the flowers:

Trim the stems of your fresh flowers to the desired length, ensuring they are appropriate for the size of the inner jar.

Insert the flowers into the water-filled inner jar, arranging them to your liking. The gumballs surrounding the inner jar will help hold the flowers in place.

Final Touches:

Take a moment to adjust the positioning of the flowers and gumballs as needed, ensuring everything looks visually appealing.

If desired, add decorative accents such as ribbons or baby-themed embellishments to enhance the centerpiece.

Place your completed Gumball Baby Shower Centerpiece on the table where you’ll be hosting the baby shower.

With this charming DIY centerpiece, you’ll add a delightful touch of sweetness to your baby shower decor. Your guests will be enchanted by the playful combination of gumballs and flowers, creating a memorable centerpiece that perfectly complements the joyous occasion.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!