Christmas Baubles Candler Holder

Christmas Baubles Candler Holder

This Christmas craft tutorial shows you how to take Christmas baubles and turn them into a mini candle holder.

What you need

Christmas Baubles in 3-4 different sizes
Florist block
Craft Glue


This tutorial shows your how to take mini baubles and turn them into a Christmas candle holder. You can create your own candles or use these store-bought candles.

Start by creating the base, for this we used a florist block, but you could use a round of a pool noodle.

Create a ring, so that the candle can sit inside the mini wreath as shown below.

Start by gluing the baubles into place, I like to start with the big ones first and then fill in the gaps with the little ones. Keep adding them until you get your desired look. Finish off by placing the candle in the ring.


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