Almond Facial Scrub

Almond Facial Scrub

Almonds are full of essential oils that repair your skin deep within the layers. This gentle facial scrub will remove loose dead skin cells that dull the surface of your skin.

What you need

1 cup of Ground almond meal
1 jar for storage


This has to be one of our quickest facial recipes ever.

Just purchase a packet of ground almond meal found in the baking section of your supermarket. Store it in an airtight jar so its ready for use.

Apply to the face by taking a spoonful of the meal and a few drops of water into your hand and in a gentle circular motion apply it to your face.

Rinse well with warm water.


  1. I just did this it left my face with a soft, light feeling when i was grinding the almonds they were kind of hard so i tried walnuts they are very soft so I added walnuts to the facial scrub and it was amazing! Great idea if you have a slumber party my friend and I made this together and next year when i have a slumber party this will be one of the activity’s!

  2. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Water contains bacteria, so you would need to make sure it was distilled.

  3. Can you add water to the jar and the almonds? I wouldn’t think that would change it or anything. ?

  4. GOOD.

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