Make Your Own Farmhouse 3 Tier Tray Stack

Make Your Own Farmhouse 3 Tier Tray Stack

This tutorial shows you how to make a tier tray stack used in farmhouse style home decor using metal tray hacks from the Dollartree

What you need

Pizza tray
2 x cake tins
Candle stick holders , tins or glass jars for centres.
White spray paint
painters sponge


This tutorial shows you how to make a farmhouse styled tier tray. These multi-layer trays are very popular right now and can be seen in Pottery Barn and Anthropologie, but you can DIY and make your own using inexpensive items fro discount stores or the Dollartree.

This project uses 2 baking pans and a pizza tray with candlestick holders. These same trays have been made with glass drink bottles in between and even terracotta plant pots to raise each pan.  Use what you have available to reduce the costs of your project. You just need to balance out the look.

I highly recommend using a strong glue like E6000 to secure the pans to the candlestick holders. Make sure you allow it to dry in between.

Glue all the pieces into place and apply a base coat, for this one it has been coated in white paint and layered with grey using a sponge.

You can also have a base of grey and add white and grey paint for a faux galvanized look like this.

This photo was contributed by Tammy. R , thank for sharing your photo Tammy.



  1. Me and grannies next project!

  2. Rebecca Payne says

    I love this idea. Great job!

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