Earrings – Colorful Beads & Pin

Earrings – Colorful Beads & Pin

These are very simple, fun to make and with a little unlimited imagination you can make many styles.

What you need

1 Large Safety pin
2 purchased earring wires or make your own
Assorted beads, any type
Pliers for bending wire
Craft wire, plain or colored
Small hammer


Start with the beads you want to use.  Choose the colors and lay out to see if this is what you want the finish product to look like.

Open the Safety pin and add the beads to the open side, close the pin.  Now decide how many wires and lengths you want hanging from the pin.  Measure the length you want for the final length and allow for the curled end and enough to attach to the pin.  Curl the end.  You can make any curl you want. Slightly tap the curl with the hammer. That holds the curl. Now string your beads and attach to pin.  You just designed a piece of jewelry!

Now the earrings are done the same way.  Match up with the pin and you have a lovely set. You can change up the earrings to match other pins you make. Wear them together or seperately.  Fun and easy!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!