Dollar Tree – Christmas Wagon

Dollar Tree – Christmas Wagon

This Christmas tutorial shows you how to hack a brownie cooking tray into a Christmas Wagon

What you need

Brownie Pan Craft Glue

Magnetic Tins (JOT) X 2 Packs

Hot Glue Gun

Paint: Scarlet & Chalkboard Black

E6000 Glue

Foam Brush/Sm. Paint Brush

Circle Punch – 2-inch

Floral Foam (rectangle)

Circle Punch – 1 ½-inch

    Red Cardstock



To avoid using several coats of paint, use a metal primer spray first, then either paint or spray paint brownie pan.



Hot Glue lids to containers.  Paint with Black Chalkboard paint:  Sides and the bottom of the tin.  You can also paint the little rim part on top of tin.  Use 2 coats, let dry between coats.

Cut (4)  2-inch circles and (4)  1 ½ -inch circles from Red Cardstock.  (Tip:  If you don’t have Circle Punches, use a stencil or trace from a lid to get the circle.)

Using Craft Glue, glue the 2-inch circles on top of the clear acetate window, let dry.  On the bottom of tin, center the 1 ½-inch circles and glue in place, let dry.



To avoid the wheels from bowing in, using a little Hot Glue on top of wheels, attach the wheels (with the large 2-inch circles to the inside) just under the rim of the brownie pan.  They should be straight.  DO NOT attach the wheels to the side of the brownie pan or they will be bowed in.



Hot Glue and wrap rope around the Spatula handle (optional).  You can use twine, tag, or a bow, as well. (Tip:  The rope made the handle heavy and it wouldn’t stick well to the underside of the pan.)

Hot Glue and use E6000 Glue to Spatula and attach to bottom of pan centered on  edge.


Using a Floral Foam rectangle, cut in half and lay both pieces into wagon.

Embellish with Floral Picks (These are from Hobby Lobby).


Mini Tags

Chalkable Chips (White or Black)

Silk Screen Transfers:  Christmas Minis & Christmas Mini Tags

Paste Used:  Shimmer Spruce, Candy Apple, Camel


I hope you enjoyed making the D.T. DIY  Wagon and will visit my Chalk Couture Catalog site.  There are so many Fun, Easy, DIY, and Holiday Crafts to make!

This project and tutorial was contributed by Phyllis you can check out her Chalk Couture link here. 



  1. Yes, use whatever you have!!

  2. how about the bottom of a gift box with the ribbon spools, paint stirrer for handle. its a cute project.

  3. You can use any brownie pan from a store and for the wheels, you can use canning jar lids, any round lid, or an empty ribbon spool, or any kind of round object that’s similar. I actually have an extra brownie pan, if you’re interested. Hope that helps!

  4. Dollar Tree did not carry pan or magnetic tins. So disappointed

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